Saturday, 30 April 2016

Important Blogging Announcement

Hi, there, reader.

I should just point out one small thing on this blog that should be addressed before Term Two starts. For most of February, I started this thing called Today I Learned. Not an original title, as shown from results from Google, but it fits, because, it talks about school stuff. I did this for almost every day in February, and I stopped. I stopped because, well, to be honest with you, was too much. So, I left it there. Unfinished. Untouched. Unmentioned in the next few posts. I'm sorry, reader. I wasn't lazy to type down about my schoolday, but I had too much work for me to handle, and I couldn't catch up on days (like I did for some posts), because if I did that, more days would need to be written, and that would create chaos. For me. And, it would affect you.

So, I'm starting again, just experimenting with the first month of the Term. Weirdly enough, Term Two starts at the (almost) start of May. Even though it's May 2nd. But, that's still close to the start of May, right? Yeah. Right? Ah, nevermind, I'll continue. But! A big but in bold right here, reader. The new series will begin in Week Two of Term Two, or on May 9th. Why? Well, simple. This actually gives me time to do the first week of posts, and they will be posted on Week Two of Term Two.

So, just to remember, if you see a post of one day, it will have been posted one week after it occurred. FOr example, a post about Thursday the 12th of May would be posted on Thursday the 19th of May. By the way, this blogging series excludes the weekends, public holidays, and school holidays. Those days are important in case there are some days I have missed.

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