Sunday, 3 April 2016

Cheeseburger Pancakes?

Hi, reader!

Another post that's not related to learning, allllright! Last year, back in February, I did a post about my Wacky Web Tale. It was something about Mehi and Sulaiman dancing to music then Michael Jackson came out of nowhere...

*confused look for two seconds*

*shakes head after two seconds*

Anyway, Mehi commented on my post and later on, she did a Wacky Web Tale herself. This may seem pretty normal on the way I'm telling this story, and where it's going, but it's going to get cool in the next minute or so. So on Mehi's Wacky Web Tale, it talked about her going to Auckland Beach with her family and Charday. It talked some stuff about beach shenanigans, like seeing Ms Aireen eat a banana split, eating ice-block sandwiches, all that stuff. But there's a part of the story where she goes to Uncle Willy's Pancake Hut. She also said this:
"I always get Cheeseburger flavoured pancakes." 
 Yep. She said that. Anyways, that would seem pretty random, right? I mean, who would eat that? Well, I know that it's real! I watched this video on YouTube just a few days ago about this thing where these two guys called Rhett and Link test to see if anything can still taste good if it were - for example, in a pancake. So, it would be called, Will It Pancake?. There's a whole series called Will It, with things going form being awesome, to shoes, to foods, to drinks!

But what's interesting about this is that, they tested...cheeseburger!

To see that moment to see if I'm lying or not, click here!

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