Monday, 28 March 2016

My Dad's Birthday...from three years ago...

Whoa, what a stumble! It's been three years since my dad turned 40 (what a surprise, since he's 43 now), and three years ago, I typed about that day! 28th of March, 2013, I decided to type about what happened. Now, just a note, I wasn't all hyped up about blogging at this point of time, because, well, I was just bored.

Anyways, enjoy the piece, this hasn't been read in three years. Imagine that. Finding something after three years, finding something you forgot about. Gosh, that's weird...


Today was my father’s birthday, and no time was wasted, except for the fact that I ate the last pieces of his birthday cake, I ran to my brother eating half of the father’s present (a chocolate Easter egg), but it was alright. All his friends came to our house, from the time I came to the time I was drinking some of the fizzy drinks from one of his friends. My dad’s brother came, too. The party also had an early end. After the party, and after I ate the cake, my dad went to his friends house until about midnight, really.

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