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9E Science - Biology Vocabulary

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Just below is a task from Science. 9E was starting a new topic all to do with Biology. We had done a test on 'Welcome to Science' just before, and so now we were here! This topic would require a device for almost every lesson, because, well, I don't know, Ms. Quigley just said that. I only know that for sure, but moving on, our first task was to make definitions of words related to Biology.

Some of the words were parts of a microscope, in which would be one of the equipment that we would use later on....or not, I don't really know what's going to happen in the next few lessons, reader, but bear with me here. The task is below, and the meanings of the words simplified were written by, well, me.


Use the internet to come up with a definition of the word.  Do not copy and paste.  Rewrite the definition so an 8 year old would understand. 

Animal – a living creature that has senses and are different to humans because of their bodies, and they look different, they sound different, they act different us people. They don't the same food as humans

Cell – a cell is a really, really, really, really, really small thing that's in anything and anyone with blood.

Cell membrane – a cell membrane is like a bubble that keeps the cells inside. It has some holes around it to let any liquids or cells move in and out.

Cell wall – a strong wall around the cell.

Chloroplasts – the food producer for plants, that contributes to photosynthesis

Coarse Adjustment (found on a microscope) - the little knob on a microscope (a telescope for small objects)

Consumer (in biology terms not economics) - a living thing that gets energy from other living things.

Cytoplasm – the liquid in a cell. It usually goes in and out of the

Eyepiece (found on a microscope) - the part of a microscope that you place your eye in to see the small object

Invertebrate - an animal that doesn't have a spine.

Mirror (found on a microscope) - object on microscope that makes you direct light at the small

Nucleus – a membrane that contains the cell.

Objective lens (found on a microscope) - there's four of these in an average microscope. They help see the object in different sizes.

Plant – a living organism that is not a creature.

Producer (in biology terms not economics) - an organism that makes its own energy and food

Stage (found on a microscope) - place where the object is placed.

Vertebrate – a creature with a spine.

Disclaimer: some of these definitions are not as accurate as the actual meaning, so apologies if there are mistakes, if any.

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