Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hi, reader!

Something cool happened on Friday! And you probably know what was going to happen according to the comments section of a particular post earlier this year. Also, earlier this year, I was part of the Summer Learning Journey, and came first for Tamaki Primary, even though I'm now an alumnus of the school, and Friday was the day that I was going to receive the prize.

I forgot that Friday was the day of the prize receiving, because I was at school, but luckily enough mum and dad was at home where the lady (Ms. Williamson) came to give my prize. Gosh, I was excited! I was in the shower when I remembered and the prize was SO worth it! There was a note with the German flag in the back with words from Ms Williamson, some lollies and chocolate, an apple pie and a spicy apple cake, and some other stuff!

I forgot what else was there, and forgot what the actual name of the cake and pie was, I just ate it with my family and it was nice!

Thanks, Ms. Williamson!

By the way, I took the pictures of just two of the prizes because I was rushing...

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