Tuesday, 9 February 2016

9th February - Today I Learned... (Part Two)

In English, we talked about the Fixed and Growth Mindset! Wow! How amazing is that?! That something I learned last year (2015) was going to be a thing in college. That is truly amazing, and I thank Ms Aireen for teaching Room 10 (from 2015) about the two mindsets really deeply. Thank you. Thank you so much. I felt great going back to the times of the growth mindsets and how everyone would use it as an example and stuff, I mean, wow…

Good times…

And I wrote a letter to Ms Clark in response to a letter she gave to me (and the class, too) and we could be informal. Reader, you know how I get when I can get the chance to go informal on writing. It’s most likely to be like this, except for a letter-type thing. But the pen was KILLING me!!

Maths came and, Mr Abeysuriya talked about the little pre-test on Friday, and we all did fractions. Awwwwwww………..dang it, just when I thought we weren’t doing fractions until, like, Week Four. But, I got a few ticks from him when he was going around checking the work while we wrote our answers down. Phew. Thank goodness for that. And I learned something about prime numbers in equivalent fractions. Forgot about it (which is not surprising, I literally always forget). Dang, this is why I was never good in fractions.

Lunch came, and I bought a Magnum this time. Yes. And ate my lunch. I walked around aimlessly again. Walked around a bit, then found out that Mum was calling me, and that the phone I was carrying was quiet. I power walked to the office so it wouldn’t be noisy, but once I got to the office…

The phone stopped ringing.

And I waited for five minutes for another call.

THEN I realised that I missed probably ten calls...whoops. That was not good. But Mum knew I was alright, she called later on while I walked home. Moving on, I walked back outside, and walked with the others. They ran here, I walked here, but by the time I walked there, they already ran somewhere else.

Ha. Classic. Then the early bell rang. When I say “bell” I say it as in “beep”, which is weird, because it’s a...a...a beep….not a bell...that’s weird, in my opinion, but that’s because I went to a school with a bell, so that makes sens-moving on!

In the last block, there was Science, with Mrs Quigley, and after using the classroom device AGAIN, I need to make a choice…

Ask about the Chromebook that is connected with Tamaki Primary and won’t allow apps…

Or keep the Chromebook a secret so I won’t go through some long process, but the problem is, what if they find out about this?

That was what I was thinking when I wasn’t talking on the bus on the way home. It was my first time taking a bus, by the way, so I had to keep my voice down at some points of time on the bus. It will be really awkward if I was one of the loudest people on the bus. I mean, I talk a lot with people I know closely.

Talk a lot.

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