Tuesday, 9 February 2016

9th February - Today I Learned... (Part One)

In the morning, mum dropped me off to school to ask about the buses. She subsequently gave me the money I would need later on, and I went off to class. I still felt lost, but found my way to the science classroom where my mentor, Mrs Quigley, who is the mentor for the Year Nine boys of 9E. 9E is my class, by the way. It’s also the “smartest” class too, as some has said. Something about manners. something about devices. Then another teacher came in for a while, then Mrs Quigley came back in, it was confusing yet...uhh...yet...it was good to learn about the two apps.

Moving to the next subject, it was French. I sat with some other guys who I hardly knew (surprise, surprise), and everyone in French were making brainstorms about what they already knew about France. I worked with a co-operative guy, and he was really helpful. The two guys on the other side of the table...well...we helped them a little bit. I kept my serious face on (Abraham Burnley I never forgot about you) when going through some questions exchanged with the others, but that was all…

Then social studies came, and I found out about the assessments later on. I found out that if you fail as a Year Nine, you still might be a Year Nine next year!! Not technically, but you know what I mean. Gosh, this is different to primary school now. Instead of just staying in the same maths group, it’s just the same Year Group. That’s really big. Like, really big. And a guy who sits next to me that me and ANOTHER guy who sits next to me nominated as the deadpan face guy told me to ask “Does a window break when it’s broken?” so the other deadpan facial guys and girl from the other tables would at least laugh so we would get points.

We tied with another group…..but that’s alright! Woohoo!

Morning Tea came along, and I was sitting down talking with Khorus, Quitah, Mele, and two other girls who I won’t mention the names of because that feels weird. They talked about some stuff about other girls or something, I don’t know, reader, I was miles away, just daydreaming about some stuff...then before you know it, they went off, and so did I, walking off aimlessly just to follow the same guys. The bell rang as they were going to play football (or soccer), and I proceed to find my English class.

It was quite embarrassing finding it. I walked up the stairs to the second storey, walked through the entrance door, and realised that I was in Block E and not Block B. *Sighs* Dang it. And there were people around me, too, so I awkwardly put a face on me and started walking pretty awkwardly down the stairs and find Block B. Took me a long time. But I came just in time where the English teacher, Ms Clark, was standing with the class.

That was a close one. 

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