Saturday, 6 February 2016

5th February - Today I Learned...(Part One)

I came in late again.

I think I need to wake up earlier. *sighs*

But that was alright (for now), and the first few periods of the school day occurred. There was social studies, where everyone in 9E watched a YouTube video related to Dr Seuss (Oh, the Places You'll Go!) which was like, you know, going your way through a different world or something. And also, everyone made expectations. Some of them were thoughtful, some of them...well, it was worth putting “NO” next to it. Justin Bieber was on there, just saying.

Just an opinion, not going to explain it. Then after social studies it was maths. The first lesson of maths. The teacher was pretty nice, he was honest and straight to the point. We did a pre-test that was almost similar to the IKAN tests back in T.P.S. After that, we all introduced ourselves (students of 9E) to the teacher, and talked about devices in the past.

Morning Tea came, and I was walking around with T.J, Lolo and this other guy who I forgot the name of (forgive me, it was only my second day), walking around some blocks, talking with others. The guy whose name I forgot kept saying “Happy Birthday” for some reason. :/ That’s basically it. Oh, and I saw an old friend of mine, Pate, while passing through. He just gave me a wave...

Science came along after Morning Tea, and it was a LIIIITTTLE bit frustrating. I had this spare device given by the science teacher, along with some other guys on the same table, and it was a Windows 10 (or something related) tablet with a keyboard thing that was pretty different to the keyboards I’ve used in the past. And there were no clicking noises! And then I couldn’t sign into my account online for quite some time, so I was expressing some half-ranting to the device I was using.

"You know, I used to like Windows..." I said once, to myself, "but then this kept happening..."

"Why aren't you working!" I yelled quietly at another time.

"This thing can't event spell "cannot" right!!" I yelled quietly another time.

In the end, I got another device that, while low on power, was perfect for logging in. Though, it took a while to log in, and by the time I was sorted and done getting ready…

We had to go to the next subject. While walking, I tried to figure out what was next without looking at the timetable. A friend of mine commented on my recent greetings to literally anyone who I looked at. I showed him that when I said “hi” to anyone, they’re most likely to say “hi” back for some weird reason. So I walked, and saw Quitah walking past, and I said “Hi” to her,
“Hi…” she replied, before walking past. Then I walked more further, saw an actual student I didn’t know,
and said, “Hi!”,
and then they said, “Hi…”.

I walked further and while walking, I saw another old friend of mine. It was Caprice, who had (amazingly enough) black hair. You’ll understand later on (or probably not) why I said the previous sentence. Anyway I said hi to her. She paused. I panicked a little because usually at the point where I looked at her she would’ve said hi by now…

“Hi…” she replied.

Phew. Moving on, now.

P.E came. I told the P.E teacher about my condition this time after what happened yesterday, and it became clear. If I can’t run a lot (which gets me dizzy sometimes for a reason I forgot), I’ll be fine. During the lesson, 9E talked about the rules around “Respect”. Respecting others. And I said something I got learned from T.P.S that the teacher hadn’t heard about (apparently)...

Pull ups: the opposite of put downs

It’s great when you use what you learned in school for other subjects in a different place.

P.E ended with a game where it was like octopus, but the taggers had pool noodles. I never really liked being one of the octopuses. I really don’t know why, but I decided to be one of them, grasping onto a pool noodle and chasing everyone. Well, not really “chasing”, it was more like going near them really quickly before they run, and for a last resort, jumping a bit.

But like always, the octopuses have to call out a group of people in categories. I was up. I had never done this before, so I tried to whisper to the others what I should say…
“Hey, guys, help…” I whispered badly,
“Say white…” one says,
“What?” I ask him, not understanding,
“Call out who is white!” he whispered loudly,
“What?!” I whisper-yelled. Then out loudly I said something like, “That’s racist!”
Then I said something slightly more weird,
“Anyone who likes...” I began..."guys???" 

And I said that with the most confused/regretting/nervous face to date. Of course, some girls ran out, and I was both shocked at what I just said because reader…

That was the first time in a LONG time, that I’ve said something completely random at the end of a sentence in front of a class.

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