Thursday, 4 February 2016

4th February - Today I Learned...

I came late...on my first day at college...dang, that feels weird. Hope that doesn’t escalate! But anyway, it was my first day at college, or, Edgewater College today, and I was both lost and confused. Some laps around somewhere, talking a bit, and getting to know everyone in 9E (the class I’m in, in which I didn’t know much about).

There was then a tour, in which I cracked some jokes, but while also forgetting the buildings and where the classes I was going to later on were. But it’ll come back, I know it will. The memory of the classes and where they are. It’ll come back. I know it will…

I’m lying. I’ll still be lost tomorrow. :/

Moving on, Morning Tea came after the tour, and I caught up with Stanley, Lolo, TJ, Ma’asi, Mele, Khorus, and Quitah. Remember what I said yesterday about Quitah? I tried to confront her about it…

“Quitah, why did you do what you did at me yesterday?!” I growled at her,
“No I didn’t, I was waving!” she replied back, but obviously she wasn’t, I mean, if you were there, you would know what she was doing. I follow TJ around and talk with him, catch up with him on what he’s been doing. He said his holidays were alright. Stanley goes off to play bullrush, where a guy asks him about me…obviously I’ve changed the wording…

“Hey, what’s his name?” the guy (whose name I don’t know or forgot, sorry) asked Stanley,
“Uhh…” Stanley thought, looking at me, and at this point, since I know what Stanley does at this point where someone asks him what my name is, but I’m going to reveal what it is because it’s for humour purposes.
“Noooo….” I said in a loud voice to Stanley, “Don’t lie to him now!” I yelled out, “I’ve known you for three years, Stanley!” I yelled out some more,
“Willy!” Stanley said to the guy.
“Oh…” I said to myself, gaining relief.

Skip a few more minutes and I was in the hall, sitting with Ma’asi, Mele, and some girl I didn’t know the name of. Finally, I didn’t sit by myself. But ironically, they went off to do their tests, and I was sitting by myself. TJ and Lolo laughed behind me, but that’s alright, we’re friends...I went to sit with TJ, though, after Lolo went the row behind him. Then Lolo was sitting by himself, and TJ and I laughed.

Fast forward ten minutes, and I’m in a computer room with the rest of 9E. It took a LONG time before we could actually do something with the computers, because we were signing this agreement and signing into our accounts on this Microsoft Office thing, and it was really confusing at first. But I got used to it. Well, sort of.

Skip over to lunch because I’m moving quickly, it’s lunchtime! At this time, I was talking with one of the Peer Support Students (who have been a great help by this time, and approachable, too), when Stanley said something that made me go, “What?!”.

I hope everyday doesn’t include one moment where I burst out anger in a humorous fashion. I tried to look for him, and regrettably start running to get Stanley, and when I found him…

He thought I was hanging out with the Peer Support Student. And I mean the other kind of hanging out. Urgh, Stanley hasn’t changed, I can tell you that, reader. MOVING ON, a quick recap on lunch….ate food, hung out with a mate who I didn’t know the name of, and found out that the school library was REALLY big. Bradley, who was an ambassador for the Manaiakalani talks last year, caught up with me and the guy, and showed us his satellite class.

Gosh, it felt like being back at school for some reason. Seeing a netbook on a table, seeing a tripod on a counter…

And the day ended with a nosebleed. Don't worry, there was no blood on the shirt.

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DeeJayBee said...

What an entry to school life you have had Willy. I really enjoyed reading this. I am so pleased you met up with Bradley.

Mrs Burt

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