Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2nd February - Today I Learned...

First off, I was wearing a white hoodie.

Today was the first day of school for Tamaki Primary. Since I’m starting college in about two days. I went to drop off my sister, Abbie, at the school, and while walking, I saw Stanley at the gates with someone else who I couldn’t recognise. Reminded me of Lauren. Probably not Lauren. Moving on, he waved at me and I yelled back:

“Hi, there!”

Because, you know, that’s what I say to people most of the time, thanks to the introduction to some posts which is also “Hi, there” if you never knew, I’ve been saying that ever since the last few weeks of school last year. Abbie was constantly telling me to slow down, because she had jandals on, and they would easily break if she...uhh...walked too fast, but believe me, it was the same pace I walked her to school last year.

In the school grounds, outside the office, I see Stanley, wearing a grey jumper, and realise he has a haircut, because, you know, some students get haircuts before school starts, and so, out of nowhere, I immediately said, “Sorry about the hair, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow…”
“Oh, okay…” Stanley replied, “When are you going?”
Obviously he was talking about college. “Thursday.” I replied, with a bit of a tone that sounded like a ‘that’s-when-it-starts’ tone. “Ooh, I can’t wait to see the changes in the school!” I told Stanley, as the three of us walked into the office.

The office area’s appearance was similar to last year’s office area appearance. “Argh, no, it’s still all the same…” I said in fake disappointment,
“Yeah, still blue.” Stanley agreed, followed by a laugh by the two of us. Abbie walked by herself opening the doors in the hallway, while briefly explaining (for no reason) Abbie’s tight shorts. Call me stupid for doing that, but we haven’t talked for a while.

Skip a few minutes, and Abbie’s gone with Ms Nua (a teacher I know), and Stanley and I see Mehi, Maopa, and Malia sitting on the benches near Room One. They were wearing black. Then it dawned on me…

Gosh...I feel like a ghost...but that was just because the white hoodie I was wearing was long and bit bigger for my liking. So, after a bit of talking and stuff like that, we all walked near the hall (I just followed them, by the way) and then...talked some more. Well, they talked some more. I was busy thinking of some memories at the seat I was sitting at. Then after the three M’s were talking with some bracelets, Stanley and I walked off…
“Oh, okay! Willy, let’s go!” Stanley said in fake rejection,
“Yeah, yeah!” I agreed, walking to the hall with him.

Skip some more time and I was answering a question by a parent.
“Why are they wearing black?” the parent asked jokingly,
“It’s a funeral,” I replied jokingly, “our pride diiiied…” I continued, jokingly, “We’re wearing white, because we’ve already died.”

Don’t worry, it was a joke. If you were there, you would see that Stanley’s jumper was, well, grey, but it’s close to white! Implying the idea that we’re ghosts, or past students…

Nevermind….it's a deep meaning anyway...

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