Friday, 26 February 2016

26th February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

Science Time.

I gave the can to Cezar, after a few minutes, when he beat Tyson after doing rock-paper-scissors over the drink, because what else was I going to do? Save it? Drink it? I wasn't really going to drink it...but moving on, 9E were going to heat up crystals! Sounded pretty different in my head...heating up blue and green crystals….talk about Breaking Bad...not that I’ve watched that show before…...oh, and my friendship with Quitah was put on the rocks after Tyson blatantly accuses me of liking her. Eugh! We were in the classroom, and Quitah (who was with Stanley) was outside, and I could see her through the window.
“You like HER!” Tyson announced,
“What?!” I asked confusingly, and shockingly, then I realised what he just said. “What, what, what?! NO!!” I exclaimed, and I look at Quitah, who must’ve overheard Tyson and I, was looking quite awkward and being quiet outside the window. “What! No, no, no, no!!” I tried defending myself to Quitah, “No, no, wait, I don’t like you!” I said, that was followed by jeering from people nearby. I mean, that sounds wrong. If you say that out loud to someone, you’re going to sound a bit harsh, wouldn't it? Upon realising that, I tried to take that back. “No, wait! Not like that!”

Quitah walked away with her “I’m going away now” face. I’ve never seen that facial expression before. Well, maybe once or twice, but it wasn't “Thanks a lot, Tyson.” I said sarcastically,
“Well you weren’t sounding obvious at all,” Tyson replied.

In general, the science lesson went greeaat. At least I didn’t die! Moving to the next period: Physical Education! Yay! 9E was going outside to play a game called Softball! Ish...Softballish. On the way to the field, Nathanael was playing a joke on me (like he always does), and I took it way too far…
“What’s your problem!?” Nathanael asked in that rough voice but in a jokingly way,
“Heart syndrome.” I replied, giving a neutral face. He then groans in sympathy saying I took it too far. Ha. Moving onto the game. 9E were split into two teams, and I was in one team that batted first. While the instructions were being told, Tyson threw some dirt at a girl apparently. When he was caught, it was a good opportunity to say:

“You’re so dirty…”

Cue the applause if you want, you really don’t have to. Unlike Softball, you could choose to kick a ball, hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, or hit a softball with a bat. I got out. Boo. But then I was in fielding. Skip the whole game because I forgot what happened, it was a good game. Lunchtime came, and I went to buy something for myself when, finally, Caprice was walking by.
“I was trying to flippin’ find you!” I exclaimed at her,
“I was on the field.” she replied. Oh. That’s right. The group on the field. Ohhhhhh…….
“Well, I gave the drink away anyway.” I announced, followed by her groaning. Skip a few minutes and I gave her something, and walked off, away with my friends…

The guys and I talked about some stuff about learning and we kept standing in the same spot. When walking off to a different spot, we all made jokes and witty remarks and whatnot. At one moment, when we were walking around, a girl (who I didn’t know at the time) said hi to us. Almost all of us ignored her because, well, I don’t know...BUT, I was the one that replied back. “Hi!” I replied, because if someone says “Hi” to you, you ought to reply with a friendly “Hi” back, right? She felt happy and humorously criticized the others, in a funny way.

We walked back to the same place again, after a lap around, and I saw a piece of rubbish on the ground. It was pretty big to not ignore. I picked it up, on my way to a rubbish bin, and the same girl practically praised me. “He’s a good guy!” she yelled at the other guys. I felt good about myself.

I felt really good about myself.

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