Thursday, 25 February 2016

25th February - Today I Learned...

I am early once again to school. Gosh, the memories of coming early and only seeing a handful amount of students walking and sitting around outside the blocks, then seeing the rush of more students come in from the entrance. So cool. Skip the mentor session because I forgot what happened, and I was in Music. We started off with the advertisement again, but I didn’t want to spend my money again. I mean, sure, the Coca Cola was nice and all, but I was trying to save my money for my lunch later on.

Still would’ve wanted that Coke, though. Anyways, Music was about some pitches and rhythms and patterns, and Mr. Holmes talked about the importance of music, and the big question on some people’s lips: Why Study Music? The short stories behind his statements, and in the Music book I bought in the morning (along with the Art pack, I had some time on my hands) that included information about how people who had experience in music had a better chance at achieving great things sometimes. If that sounds a bit, you know, cliche or something, that’s just because of the way I’ve described it. The actual lesson was MUCH deeper than my analysis.

Physical Education. 9E played a game (forgot the name of it, unsurprisingly), and were split into two groups - Red and Green. I was on Red. My band looked a bit budget, but hey, it’s a band. Red were lagging behind into the first third of the game (I don’t know why, or maybe this is incorrect, but the game was split into three thirds), because I didn’t know what to do. That’s because, I daydreamed halfway through the explaining of the instructions.

Don’t judge me, I daydream at the most random times. In the car, walking to school, doing maths, eating my lunch, walking around with someone, talking with someone, waiting for my lunch order, changing into my P.E uniform…And besides, there were a LOT of instructions! The first “round” ended and Red was behind by about ten points.

In a group huddle, Yasmina (mentioned her before last week, and a girl classmate) suggested that the group be separated into different positions, like in netball. “Great idea.” I agreed with her, and so the team was split into positions. This guy called Pritesh (another guy in 9E, who knows Shantai probably by the sounds of it from the first day) and I were defenders, and some other people were put into positions.

The second part of the game began, and this time things were starting to work. Green had reportedly “did anything” in this round, and Red were actually doing something. Pritesh and I were preventing some goals from Green, and I kinda cheated by walking into a circle I wasn’t supposed to go into (in my defense...I didn’t know what I was doing), but, tried to threaten Green to not tell in a humorous fashion.
“SHHHH!! SHHH!! DON’T TELL ANYONE!!” I began, walking away with a ball, putting up a finger gun, “NO ONE SAW NOTHI-I MEAN, ANYTHING!” I yelled. And of course I yelled so that people could hear me, I mean, it’s Physical Education.

Long story short, Red still lost. But it was a close one. During our second group huddle, I asked everyone to clap for Yasmina for her great idea that boosted our points! It was that great! But, it was a close one. Green won. But it was all fair, they had a strategy this time…

Morning Tea. I felt alright here.

English. Ms. Clark had put a task to everyone about the four W’s. Who, What, When, Where. No Why. Why? I don’t know, I forgot. But there were news stories and articles talking about the flock of sheep that stopped car thieves. Although I said that this happened last year, I confused it for another story last year. Besides, my memory’s still trying to make “January” not feel like “the late December”.

And then 9E gave their books to her to check the work. Dang it. I didn’t even finish the story that I started before. I don’t think I’m going to do so well. Daaannngg it. I walked outside the classroom with guilt on my face for not finishing my work, and enter French. Dang it, I didn’t finish it, I COMPLETELY forgot about that! I thought as I sat (weirdly enough) by myself in the middle table in French class. Looking down with my hands grasping each other, as I think about other different things, like, When is the film going to end? Will I get in trouble for touching the computer stuff on Tuesday? Oh, wait! My slip for the sequel for Belle et Sebastian II, where did that go? I won’t go anyway, I mean, I’m not being rude, but-

I turned around while thinking on my seat, and Zoe (or Zoey, or Zowie, or Zoee, I don’t know how to spell it, sorry, don’t take offence) is sitting right in front of me. “Whoa! Hi, there!” I said in a surprised tone, because that’s basically my reaction to surprises from now on apparently.
“Hiii…” she replied, “Are you alright?” she asked me,
“Yeah, I’m alright…” I said, kinda freaked out at this stage,
“Are you sure?” she asked in a serious tone. I kinda knew what this was about.
“Yes, I’m alright.” I replied, while thinking. Sitting by myself with my default face...looking down...gosh, she thinks I’m depressed.
“If you think I’m depressed, I really am not, okay…” I assured her,
“Are you sure??” she asked. It seems like she was trying to save me from depression. I didn’t have depressed, I just give off the impression because of the way I think. And walk. And look. Wow, I’m giving off the wrong impression of myself. But I wasn’t depressed.
“Yes, I am sure!” I replied with a smile. Gosh, this was going to change my impression towards her. “I’m not depressed.” I reassured.
“Okay…” she replied, before moving back to her seat.

We finished the French film. I won’t spoil the film for you, reader, in case you like the movie - Belle et Sebastien. Or Belle and Sebastian. But the ending was quite sweet. I didn’t get it, though. Not being judgemental or anything...

Lunchtime. Can’t remember anything, just walking around with the group, throwing bottles, then seeing a bottle get beaten up, then play fighting for a bit. Afterwards, Social Studies. Spelling. I don’t know why we were doing spelling, but I had a guess that it was because you can get social while spelling words with/against others. Split into two groups, yellow and white, each group had ten different words to spell. Before we got started, I noticed something different.

I was sitting by myself again. And Zoey (still don’t know the spelling) was looking at me with a concerned look. “You alright?” she mouthed,
“Yes…” I replied, “even though I’m sitting by myself, I’m alright…”
“Are you sure?” she mouthed, and before I answered, Patricia noticed me being lonely and asked Ms. Minahan if she could sit next to me since I was being by myself. I thought that was a friendly gesture. She sat across from me, and asked if I was alright. I was. Anyways, moving on with the actual task, it was spelling. It was actually a lesson of unfairness. People with the yellow paper had easy words, and people with the white paper (like me) had almost hard words when compared to each other. Here’s an example.

Yellow paper people has to spell ‘camera’
White paper people has to spell ‘cinematography’

I mean, what?! That was not fair! “This is racist!” one guy joked,
“This is SPELLIST!!” I yelled out in a happy tone, laughing it off. This began a running joke later on. I get a high five from Ms. Minahan who is laughing a lot, and we continue the lesson. Gosh, my jokes are getting a bit better at my jokes.

And puns. Sort of.

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