Wednesday, 24 February 2016

24th February - Today I Learned...

Before I went to school, I shaved my (unfinished) goatee. First off, it was a goatee, and my dad has a goatee, so I must’ve gotten this thing from him. After what happened, with the notice about beards and moustaches, I just can’t risk having to trim it at school.

I wouldn’t do that. Ever.

“I’m sorry…” I said to the goatee while trimming, “Remember, I love you…” then sadness and regret kicked in. Looking in the mirror after one minute of carefully trimming the moustache and beard to its smallest bit, I looked quite different. I don’t know why I thought I looked different to myself, it was basically bumfluff, but what a look!

Getting to school, and I was REALLY early by the way, I felt cleaner! A friend of mine who I met at the placement test last year (it was during E.O.T.C Week, on a Thursday), whose name is Denzel (not Steven or John as I previously thought), had almost slept through a bus ride to school and hadn’t noticed that someone nice was sitting next to him. By the time he noticed that someone was next to him, the bus had arrived at school and they were gone.

I laughed, and then he, his friend, and I walked around a bit and talked about some stuff. Here’s a bit from our conversation…

“Argh my body STILL hurts from training yesterday!” Denzel complained,
“Oh…” I sympathized, “I know how you feel!”
“Really?” Denzel questioned me, giving me a weird look,
“Yeah!” I assured him, “Remember when I came back from the walk on Monday?” I joked, and we laughed. Because I was REALLY tired from chasing this guy (who I didn’t know the name of at the time) during lunchtime just by power walking, and came back tired.

After the bell rang, I was in my Mentor session with Mrs. Quigley and the 9E guys. Tyson notices my change, and another guy in class too who happened to have had bumfluff as well. Gosh, that word sounds wrong, doesn’t it, reader?
“You look cleaner!” Tyson practically yelled at me, in a probably happy way,
“Thanks!” I replied back, giving a fake smile.
“But that smile looks fake.” Tyson commented. It was fake, but I tried convincing him it wasn’t fake, because that’s usually the smile I smile when I smile at people I smile at.
“What? No it’s not!” I smiled again,
“Argh, stop!” Tyson replied.


During Social Studies, Ms. Minahan (Social Studies teacher for 9E) wasn’t in the classroom for today, so there was a reliever. I remember her name, because of her little correction the moment I said her name. Mrs McKay. Or Ms. McKay, I forgot, but it’s not pronounced Meh-KAY, it’s actually pronounced Meh-KAI. She pointed that out in the first few seconds of the lesson. 9E was completing their Me, We, Community booklets (they’re worth four points for something important).

Art. I learned that I should move on from the rubber incident, Christian was safe for now, sitting on seat #22 and me sitting at seat #21. 21. Haha. “So, Willy…” Christian began, “Gonna laugh again this time?”
I laughed, then replied, “I’m sorry, okay! It was just really funny!”

The girl who usually takes his rubber wasn’t in class - what a relief. Christian was expressing some bittersweetness into this mini-victory. “She’s probably wagging…..or late.” he said,
“Oh, dang it….” I replied, then, just as I said that, she came in, with her friend. Dang it. Well, at least she wasn’t going to sit across from Christian again. The lesson in general went pretty well, I tried completing some stuff over here, some stuff over here. All’s well that ends well.

Morning Tea was a good time, hanging out with the group, having a laugh as well.

Maths. Goooood times. Struggling. Good times struggling, then getting the answers as I thought about them. Moving on. Science. Graph time! 9E calculated their averages for each flame that we used to heat our beakers of water from Monday. Gosh, that was a while ago, wasn’t it? After some hard work, and adapting to the changing instructions of making a graph for the results of the bunsen burners heating up beakers of water for the two flames, I was sort of finished. Don’t know about Nathanael and Cailib, who were joking around a bit.

Lunchtime...sweet times.

English. For English, 9E were going to the library. I didn’t know we were going to the library on a Wednesday! I thought it was Thursday! I left my book (Gone Girl) at home. Don’t judge me for the book, I just like it the way it is, even if it includes some swearing. I can handle it. I’m 13. And a half. I issued a book anyway, which was Broadchurch. I liked Broadchurch, the first season by the way, and the book perfectly describes the setting and characters as if I was watching the show again. Good memories…

9E read their books quietly for the whole period.

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