Tuesday, 23 February 2016

23rd February - Today I Learned...

For the mentor session today. 

It was hard to bear. 

I found out that I would need to trim my “beard”. 

It wasn’t really a beard per se, but it was going to be one. I mean, I liked it. Now I’ll have to farewell it, for now. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one that thought that. Some guys in Year 12-13 were peacefully resisting to shave/trim. This will start a movement. We Will Not Shave. It was a joke, but hey, it’s possible!

But it makes sense, in a way. Moving onto French, there was a reliever that was going to relieve for Mrs. MacPherson, who was somewhere else for a French trip. And it wasn’t a lesson, it was basically everyone watching the film from where it left off. Belle et Sebastien was the name of the film, by the way, and we were up to the part where Sebastian had just found out that “The Beast” was actually a nice dog, and they become friends.

Social Studies. Integrity was the subject, and 9E made a brainstorm summing up the ideas of integrity based on a few videos we watched. We also watched a girl dancing to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. I mean, the song is respect. Literally. Also, respect to the girl for showing off some great moves during the song.

Morning Tea. Ooh, I wouldn’t forget about this. Ping pong, table tennis, whatever it’s called, I don’t really know, but that was the focus for Morning Tea. Four guys, versing each other, with improvised techniques. They didn’t have ping pong balls, so they used tennis balls. Talk about table tennis, am I right! Then, one side used water bottles. Weird, but funny to watch the chaos unfold, since I was a spectator.

After Morning Tea, there was English. I didn’t get out of class this time. 9E was working on making a story. The boy walked down the street. We were to change that sentence to make it more exciting. For example, The nerdy boy power walked down the dark street. The weird boy drove down the dangerous street. The smelly boy painted down the boring street. Exciting. My one was going to be about a boy who experiences a bus breaking down, so he takes a public bus.

Math. Gosh, I was struggling a lot in the questions. Tyson was sitting next to me and he was helping a lot, while I slowly got confused and lost. But before I said, “I give up” twenty minutes towards the end of the lesson, I had another nosebleed. Dang it. I went out of the class and into the toilet stalls outside. Ten minutes of talking to myself and and controlling the bleed, I walked back to class. A guy walking past me says, “Hey, brah.”
“Hey, mate.” I reply.
“Hey, brah.” he replied, exaggerating the “brah” part,
“Hey, mate!” I replied more enthusiastically, walking away from him.
“Brah.” he said,
“Mate.” I replied, walking back into Block E,
“Brah!” he yells in a happy way, and he thinks that since I’m gone he’s won………..
“MATE!” I yell back in a happy way, popping back out of the door, before going back in.

Skip a few minutes and it is lunchtime. I’m with my little social gathering group, where we talked about some more stuff I won’t type on here. It’s not that it’s bad for blogging, it’s just that it was a conversation that wouldn’t be explained good enough to feel the same amount of WOW in a blogpost. I had a piece of toilet paper up my nose, and the group were laughing at the fact that I was smiling as if I didn’t have toilet paper up my nose. I laughed at the irony in there. Usually I feel a bit down when I have a nosebleed (because I’ve had a LOT of nosebleeds), but not so down that I feel bad. It’s because it’s hot.

If I skip a few minutes arguing in a funny way, I walk to Caprice to pretend to say something although I’m not. Even though I explain I’m talking about nothing, I end up telling her what I wasn’t supposed to say. Here’s something she said that will probably give away the accusation…

“I don’t like you.” she said to me,
“Yeah, I know.” I replied in a light, bubbly way, “And I don’t like you too...in that way…”
“Who said this?” she asked me, and pointing at my group, all wearing shirts, and knowing that this would be a great opportunity to use that ‘specific’ joke,
“The guy, in, the, shirt.” I reply, beginning to smile,
“THEY’RE ALL WEARING SHIRTS!” she laughs out, followed by me laughing. But I change my words around and end up convincing her that I said something else. 

In other words, I lied to her.

Skip a few more minutes, and I promise the group that I would pull the toilet paper from my nose since I was starting to look weird. “I’m going to walk around, and I’ll take this off.” I said to them, and started walking away from them. I still don’t know why I felt amazing yet weirded out that I was walking away from the group. “Oh, gosh!” I began, “I’m walking away!” I continued, “I….I...I am walking! I am WALKING! YEAH!!” I celebrated, with independence in my stride-

Then Caprice called me to her again. While walking towards her and her...her….friends, probably called that. She’s lying on top of one of them, a girl who kinda sounds like her. From 2014. I won’t describe their position, so I’ll continue the story.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything, here.” I say to them,
“Can you buy me a drink?” Caprice asked me. Ohhhhh, boy.
“No.” I replied straightforwardly,
“Do you have a drink?” she asked,
“No.” I replied. I lied.
“Food?” she asked,
“No.” I replied. If you’re growing with worry about this conversation here, it’s a REALLY long story about loathing between me and her that leaded up to this moment. It wasn’t such a serious situation (welllllllll…..not reaaallllyy).

Walking away, I high fived people as I went back to my excited mood. “HOW ARE YOU?” I kind of yelled at a friend of mine. “I’m great!” they replied back, playing along,
“Great!” I replied to their reply, as I walked joyfully away from them, happy I could grow my independence. But I was got so caught up about my happiness, when I returned to the group, one of them said, “I thought you were going to take that off…”
“Take what off?” I asked, which, now that I think about it, was a pretty non-smart thing to do,
“The tissue!” another guy reminded me.
“Oh, yeah! Right!” I remembered now, “Sorry, I’ll go to a bin...I don’t want you all to follow me, though.” so I walked to a bin that was, well, nearby Caprice again (dang it, not again), and she called me again………

Skip a few more minutes, finally, and the guys are making accusations once again. Urgh, dang it.

Science had a test running through the whole period, and some questions were quite funny. The Uranus joke came back again and the choices were EXTREMELY funny. It is because Uranus was too big to be a star, or something like that. Nathanael was really giggling for a while, then I giggled for a while after him when I read the question.

Sorry if there is any spelling errors.

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