Monday, 22 February 2016

22 February - Today I Learned…

“Do you miss me?” Stanley asked as he sat on a bench with some girls, and I stand near him behind a rubbish bin,
“Yeah…” I replied, looking up,
“I miss you too…” Stanley said, before standing up to get to class. What a good start to the morning. In Health, 9E talked about things that could make us feel happy whenever we felt a bit down, and then Ms. Potter shared something that could change our lives for the better…

Drink tea in the shower.

No, really, she kinda said that. We then talked about what we could do with someone that could make us feel happy. Going to the movies, sharing a joke, do something together that would make both of us and the other person happy…and the bell rang for the next period. Science. 9E was going to do another thing with the bunsen burners. Once again, the fact we were doing actual practical work took me by surprise. I partnered up with Daniel, and we did the blue flame. Sam wasn’t here, and Cailib (classmate) wanted to be in a group, so we got him in...for now…

This time I found out why Daniel was the way he acts when using the bunsen burner. He said while he likes fire, he also doesn’t, and that state where he’s in full focus is part of the reason. Filling a beaker with water, placing it on the gauze on the tripod with the bunsen burner below, heating it up, was a challenge. And pressuring, too. I’ll post something about it later on, hopefully.

Morning Tea. The group was together ONCE again! What an amazing sight!

And the guy from the satellite classes from Sommerville finally talked to the girl. Turns out, HE told her everything. And the girl was sitting with him. She came up to me just as the bell rang. The next line of conversation will bleep out a word, but it won’t work as much.
“He told me.” she said to me while walking with me,
“Ohhhh, okay...yeah, yeah he does BLIMP you…” I replied,
“Yeah, but does BLIMP really BLIMP me?” she asked,
“Yeah, yeah, BLIMP does…” I replied with a tone that I can’t describe but I was relieved that I didn’t have to hide the secret anymore.

I walked to English all happy and ready, and I was excited to see what 9E was going to do today. My English book was in my hand, my pen in my shirt pocket, and...well, my lunchbox was in my hand, but I couldn’t just put my lunchbox in my bag in two seconds, it takes a looong time and sometimes a bit of a struggl-


A guy walks to Ms. Clark with a small note. 

She reads for about two seconds. “Now?” she asked.
The guy nods his head.
“Willy…” Ms. Clark says to me, giving me the note. Oh, goodness. I start walking, following the guy. “Well…” I started, looking at some classmates as I walked by, “I’ll be back, guys…”

I followed the guy as he walked the downstairs, outside the door of Block B, through a path, into the building with the nurses, and to a certain room. “You wanted, uhh…” he begins, before I pop my head through the door. It was the nurse that I went to on the first day of school when I had my bleeding nose…

“Oh, hi, how are you?” she asked me,
“Oh, hi, there. I just had a bleeding nose before, but I’ve controlled it for a while...”

I sat down on a chair for a few seconds, before standing up again for my weight and height. I really am six feet tall. I sat back down, and the nurse and I talked about some information about myself. Though I can’t exactly tell you what we talked about, everything was mostly good and all was well. Returning to English, though, I remembered that today was the day that everyone was in their allocated seats. I was at the back. Ooh, I remember what that could’ve meant. I wasn’t doing my work properly. Wellll, I think that was the reason. I don’t really know, reader, I forgot.

And I’ll stop here, but I’ll describe the next few periods. 

English = new seats, great work. 

Music = I didn’t have my book, but there’s a reliever, thank goodness. 

Lunchtime = I “chase” a guy, and I had a dollar to give away. A girl asks for a dollar, but, as a liar, I lied to her. Sorry. 

Math = I get “bombed out” by that girl crush about my bag, but through the lesson of fractions, I did good.
Sort of.

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