Friday, 19 February 2016

19th February - Part One - Today I Learned...

Anyways, for English everyone in 9E was moving away from Island Man, and began making lists about what we liked and what we disliked. To summarise the whole task with my group (it was the same guys who sit with me in Social Studies), we laughed quietly, tried to help each other but then reminded ourselves that it was quiet time and we had to be quiet.

I’m going to be quick. Here’s a snippet from Social Studies…
“How was your walk?” I asked Cezar,
“It was alriiiight…” he replied in a probably sarcastic tone. I laughed.

Math came around, and I learned more about fractions, this time, with what I tried to use before - diagrams! But it was in squares and rectangles, not circles. Weird, but something new to learn: stop using circles, Willy.

Morning Tea went by...yeah, Morning Tea was gooood….

English now. 9E first learned what a portfolio was, and then made two lists - one list of the things we like, and the other about things we don’t like. Tyson, Nathanael, and Cezar sat with me, and we laughed at some times about things we liked. Things got intense when doing our lists about what we didn’t like.

Physical Education!! Yeah!! Even with a medical condition, I learned how to negotiate with others since I couldn’t run. There was a big ball in the middle of the gym, and we were split up into four teams on each side of the square. I made some jokes at the right times, and Nathanael tried to cheat by placing a ball in the back of his t-shirt. The goal was to hit the big ball with small balls and try to get it onto each team’s side - besides your own, obviously.

Then we played Ten Passes, and it made sense. There was one side for the confident throwers and catchers, and the other side for the less confident throwers and catchers. I was on the not so confident, but I had a good time. The first pass in the game was FANTASTIC…
“Yasmina! Yasmina! Over here!” I called out to Yasmina, teammate and classmate, and she threw the ball at me. It hit my fingernails, and I laughed and groaned a little bit as the pain went through my hands. What a great start. Each time I passed the ball (well, when I had the ball) to this other girl (I forgot her name, I’m so sorry), another girl would block the ball then take the ball! I laughed as hard as I could on the fourth time that happened.

Oh, gosh, I love sport. But that’s because I can see the funny side.

Here’s lunch in three sentences. A guy was being all GCSB with me and Mr. Connor (or just Connor). My long lost brother (he’s not really my brother, it’s a running joke because SOME people say this guy and I look like brothers) was really long and lost while playing tag rugby. There was a tag touch tournament during lunchtime, by the way...

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