Thursday, 18 February 2016

18th February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

Science took over English today since Mrs. Quigley was going to Wellington on Friday (which at this point of time was tomorrow) for something about learning, I forgot about the actual reason, sorry, reader. But, we were using the bunsen burners again today and this time, it was about timing and speed.

See, we had to get back in our groups, do the steps on turning on a bunsen burner, then get some copper, place it over the quiet flame, and time how long it would take for the copper to turn red. I’ll post it later on when I can. Anyways, Sam and I exchanged turns turning on the gas and writing the results, and placing the copper on the bunsen burner then putting it into cold water in a beaker. Daniel stayed in his position as the timekeeper of the whole task.

Writing down the results of times for each position of the copper on the bunsen burner (top of flame, middle of flame, and bottom of flame), we also made the average time for our results. Sam took the smart way of figuring out what made the average of our results, and so we got the average. Boom. Done.

Soon there was going to be a meeting about whanau groups. It was like the house groups in Tamaki Primary, but obviously different. Below are the four whanau groups:

Ngata - Yellow
Jones - Green
Sheppard - Maroon (A.K.A RED)
Hillary - Blue

I was in Ngata. Yellow. Little known fact about me: Even though I was committed to being in Tobruk in the last two years of my Tamaki Primary School life, I spent three years wondering ‘Gosh...I wish I was in Alamein…’, because, well, it just seemed like the group I could be in. The colour of Alamein was yellow…

And Ngata was yellow...

What a strange coincidence....that was what I was thinking as I walked to French class, though, and I knew that there would just be 30 minutes of French in the class, because of the meetings, so I was prepared. I walked into the class, thinking that if no one (no one as in no other students) else was outside the class, I thought I would be early for once. The door was wide open...I walked through, only to realise that there was it. But she (it was a girl) looked sort of familiar…
“Hey, uhh, do you know a girl named Lyric?” I asked the girl, because she looked like Lyric just a little bit. “Uhh, no…” the girl replied. Huh. Well that was obvious, wasn’t it?

Sitting down at my desk, I started thinking about why I thought the girl reminded me of someone. I never ask a new person I meet if they were someone I knew. It’s that feeling, that feeling like I knew that girl...she wasn’t “new” to me in my mind. As more students came in, my thoughts piled up. Then I came to a conclusion.
“Hey!” I said to the girl loudly, who was now sitting on the table across from me, “What’s your name?” I asked her,
“Chanel.” she called out.

Oh, shoot. 


The mean girl from Glenbrae, my very first school.

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