Thursday, 18 February 2016

18th February - Part One - Today I Learned...

I came a bit late for the mentor session on this day, but that’s because of the traffic to Edgewater College that my dad had to get through. I wish I could take the bus TO school too instead of just FROM school, but hey, that’s still in the works of consideration. The mentor session talked about some stuff about the school and students, and that Mrs. Quigley was proud of the way the 9E guys have behaved so far. That was a relief.

Music was next. It was a mix of 9D and 9E (I think it was 9D) that was pretty much the Art class in Music. I should’ve just said that. Nevermind. I sat back at the front in my sort of original seat (I don’t know what’s with the ‘original’ spots that I take, along with other classmates), even if it was a seat to the right of the original spot, and we all did this little test thing about patterns, rhythms, and notes. It was going to to be if we knew what was different, and what was the same.

In the probably middle of the test, there was an intermission. A bit of an advertisement. Mr. Holmes brought out some drinks and sweets and made an offer. It was that if someone were to buy one of the drinks or sweets, it would be a donation to the class. I totally forgot what the actual reason was for giving the money (it was probably a donation for something related to the music room or something), I just wanted a Coke Cola.

“I’ll be right back, guys.” I said to the other three classmates on the first row of tables. It was the same classmates that sit with me in Social Studies, by the way. Gosh, dang it!

Who drinks Coke Cola during class? And don’t say the teacher sometimes, haha.

I drank the Cola and the taste was really as cold as Mr. Holmes said it would be. He even placed it on some of the student’s cheeks to prove it was cold. But the taste...oh, goodness...I haven’t drank any Coke Cola in two weeks! Gosh, it felt good. And it amazingly helped with my test, too! Wow! Six out of six correct! It could be a big coincidence, but it could also, be the energy from the Coke Cola.

After Music though, I needed to do a number one. Walking through the crowds of different year levels, through groups and conversations, trying to get to a bathroom stall. I arrive in the gym, get into the changing room area with the bathroom stalls, and went in there. Again, the stall I used had a broken door, so it didn’t close properly. I had to use one leg to close the door countless times. Pretty good “talent” there, am I right?

That didn’t sound right. Let alone is right to mention it. Moving on, it was P.E time. Even with a heart syndrome, that didn’t stop me from joining the whole class play in different mini games in different corners of the big gym. And we were split into teams to make it more competitive. Skip the whole thing because it was all “Oh my gosh, there’s literally balls everywhere because there’s people throwing tennis balls around the gym”, and my team (green) came second!

To last….wow, this feels awfully familiar, don’t you think?

The winning team received bragging rights, and it makes sense. Sure, one person can yell it out loud, that’s alright, really, it is. Suure, the same person can cross out all the other teams’ points, sure, yeah, sure, and we won’t look at that person with any disrespect in any way whatsoever. Suure, they can’t be bothered to show good sportsmanship. But that’s alright, really, it is…

Morning Tea. In an attempt to ditch one guy in the group without him noticing, the group walks off to different places that are now further than what I expected. I see where most of the 9E guys go to. This wrestling area. Pretty cool discovery, because I hardly see them walking around when I sit down at my “seat” in the break times. A bit far from Block S, I made up a joke of trying to disguise myself as Luigi for some reason, using my green lunchbox as a hat.
“It’s a me, Luigi!” I said in a terrible Italian accent, accompanied by laughter by the group.
When someone who knew me as a friend came up to me I replied, “I am a not a Willy! I am a Luigi a!” in the terrible accent. Gosh, it felt so wrong but it felt so good to get into a character I hardly knew the phrases of…

At least Luigi’s hat is green. Moving on, now.

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