Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17th February - Part Two - Today I Learned...

Christian was condemning my laughing through that whole time, by the way, just to be clear. I laughed so much I actually cried, too! Sorry, sorry, it was just too funny to believe that what just happened, REALLY happened. Great manners! Greeeeat manners right there, reader!
"Ohhh, gosh!" I said while almost finishing my first round of laughs,
"You finished crying now, Willy?" Christian asked, before I laughed even more

People around the table saw me as I tried to stop laughing.
"Is he in your class?" one girl asked my other classmate who was a girl, "Yeeahh..." the classmate replied.

After another 30 seconds of laughing, I did stop...for about ten seconds, before thinking about what just happened, and starting to laugh again. Even the girl who took the rubber before was giving me funny looks as I laughed through my drawings and spheres, while also, taking the rubber several more times. The bell rang (thankfully) as I was hurting in the stomach from the laughs, and I apologised to Christian (as many times as I did while laughing) while walking out of the class. He rejected me : /

It was Morning Tea at this time, and amazingly enough, the little “group” from yesterday came together again! We chatted once more about some random stuff, and...well, talked about random stuff. The guy from one of the Sommerville Satellite classes came and talked about the person on his mind. She passed by so, you know, I hid him behind me.

Because that’s what tall people can do sometimes. Hide people. The other tall guy in my group stood next to me just to make sure he was covered. Wouldn’t you know it, it worked!

Morning Tea finished, and I was in Maths with Mr Abeysuriya and 9E, doing some maths stuff and fractions, BEGINNING on word problems showing fractions and, well, fractions, basically, adding them, subtracting them, multiplying them, and dividing them. SO much to learn about fractions, but it’s SO worth it. Towards the end of the lesson, we were to partner up with someone to share a maths book to get the next question. My partner was Daniel, who can be really upbeat sometimes, but also really serious when needed to.

We walked out of the class when the bell rang, and went off to Science! Daniel had asked me while walking to Science if he could be my lab partner, and I answered “Yeah, sure”, but I thought this was for something later on in the weeks ahead, because weren’t we supposed to do something with graphs?

Arriving into the Science classroom in Block S, I sat with Daniel, and realised just minutes into the lesson, after a drawing test, that 9E was going to learn how to light a bunsen burner. Getting into groups of three, one to light a match, one to control the bunsen burner, and one to turn on the gas. With safety glasses on, and Daniel, Sam (other classmate who happened to be nearby), and I had turns at each job when doing the bunsen burner: turning on/off the gas for the bunsen burner, closing/opening the air hole on the bunsen burner, and lighting the match to light the bunsen burner.

Minutes later, we wrote our results with the different sights we saw from the bunsen burner and the types of flames that came out from each position of the air hole: fully closed, half open, fully opened. And that was it. In real time it was more intense than this, it was noisy, and of course, technically, we were making flames in the classroom.

When else is there flames in the classroom besides Science, reader? And don't say when there's a birthday cake in the classroom.

The bell rang for lunchtime and the group came back again! Wow, what a surprise, to think that this happened for the THIRD time. I forgot to mention, there was a girl (different girl, don’t know the name) who kept walking up to one of the guys in the group, hug him, and then...she... walk away! “Who IS that girl?!” I asked him blatantly but still subtly,
“I-I...I don’t know!” he replied, and that started a whole new subject of the whole group fantasizing about the two. It quickly ended because, well, once you start talking about love, you end up talking about love as an activity

So we all changed the subject as quickly as possible.

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