Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17th February - Part Three - Today I Learned...

Skip a few minutes of laughing a lot and talking up a storm, even with the wind and light showers, the group started walking around. A guy named Connor, who I saw before, was practically leading the way. The group made him the leader. We walked behind a big building, near the Marae, where it started to look suspicious, especially with the environment.

“Guys, this feels weird…” I started talking, “a guy leading us to a different place away from everyone…” I ended humorously, and the group then acted as though we were about to be murdered. Wow. That is morbid, isn’t it? But it was WAY more funnier than the way I’m describing. I also made this statement to add more humor:

The killer’s always wearing glasses.

Only two of the guys in the group were wearing glasses. And were walking in the front. One of them immediately took off the glasses, and with laughter, gave a gesture of them throwing them to the ground. Weirdly enough, the other guy, Connor (he wears glasses, by the way) kept walking with a smirk. Uh, oh. Just kidding, we kept walking and it started to rain a bit. I don’t know what to do in college when it rains, so I kept walking with the group. Connor was still leading, and amazingly, we were walking in a line. So I acted as if it were a classroom were walking on a trip.

We arrived in the gym. “Thank you for the shelter, Mr. Connor!” I said out loud to Connor, only using his first name because I didn’t know his last name. But it’s alright to use your teacher’s first name as their preferred teacher name if they want to, right? I mean, take Ms. Aireen for example. Her first name is Aireen. Get it? I hope you do, it was confusing when I first heard about this, but anyways, the biggest question at this point of time was…

Why are we in the gym?

Meh, it doesn't matter. At least we're not wet. But before moving onto another subject with the group, the girl who the guy from the Sommerville Satellite classrooms liked came up to me and asked what that guy was talking about. Now, I’m loyal. But she was curious. “Tell me, Willy!” she demanded,
“Uhh…I don't know...” I mumbled, trying to act like I didn't know something. But she thinks I know something. Of course I know something. She’s the crush. He likes her. She doesn’t know, and I was going to keep it that way. You know, best not to ruin a secret, am I right?
“He said you’re awesome!” I replied to her after a long pause for thinking, and placed my hand on her shoulder to try and reassure her. She didn’t believe it. Not one bit.
“That pause!” she exclaimed at me, as I looked around to see if there was anyone looking at our conversation. Of course there was. My group, some people who were doing something in the (amazingly not) small gym, and her two friends.
“He really thinks that!” I said to her,
“You’re lying!” she practically yells, “Don’t make me hit you!”
“Go ahe-” I started jokingly, but then thought again. Girl hitting a guy because guy said so? No. That’s wrong, me. “Wait, no, I need to stop talking before I end up offensive…” I said, but that’s not what I said originally. But it’s close.

The girl walked out after a brief argument between me and her over the subject and I was left with the group, who were now wall sitting. I saw Nathanael in this little place where there’s a gate-like barrier closing ¾ of the little place, and it looked like Nathanael was in a jail cell. But wait, I see an adult coming nearby. Oh, my gosh! I quickly and quietly warn Nathanael to get out of there and another guy who was laughing to stop. The adult walks near the barrier gate window thing with Nathanael in there…

I was waiting for Nathanael to get a growling...because that’s the normal response for this...but, the adult walked past, not looking at Nathanael. What a blimmin’ miracle. Nathanael quickly crawled out of the little place, and I went back to the group where they were still wall sitting. Looking at the time, I thought it was time that I started walking back to my next class, with Connor just behind me. I was still doing my little kid voice in front of him as if everyone else in the class got lost and I was the only student with Mr. Connor. The bell rang while we talked, and I went off to English.

We continued on the Island Man poem, where we were going to describe and fill out questions about the poem. Carlos (classmate, and possibly a friend) had his phone ringing
and, just like me, had his phone taken away. Apparently his mum was the reason this happened. And he asked the same thing as I did, too - “Do I give it to you?”

He gave the phone to Miss. Clark. And he a brief talk with her after class.

That was good. Not good as in, he got in trouble (sort of), but good as in, at least it wasn’t me this time. Everytime I hear a beep or song ringtone, I always tense up in case it’s my phone...again...

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