Tuesday, 16 February 2016

16th February - Today I Learned...

A bit about myself, actually....

Dang it, traffic. I went to school not so late but late enough that everyone was getting off to class. I guess you can say I wasn’t really late, but the mentoring session was on. Mrs. Quigley was at a field trip on Rotoroa Island with another class, so the mentor for today was Ms. Clark. I came into class, and it was just about details that we were going to give our parents to sign and write stuff in. They got my mum’s name wrong. And my personal email address. At least it was my blog address they wrote down, not nothing.

French came along and we learned the alphabet. It was surprising how similar they sounded. A was pronounced “ah”, B was pronounced “beh”, and there were other pronunciations that I won’t get into more detail. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later on. But we’ll see. After French, there was Social Studies. We were doing another activity involving our culture and what we would want Ms. Minahan to know about. Our likes and dislikes, what we do in our spare time, our family if we wanted to, and anything else that would be nice to add.

That was quite it, really. We were relaxing and doing the work like we were told to.

Then, Morning Tea.

NOW we’re onto English, where 9E were focused on a poem called “Island Man”. It was a cool poem, it talked about an island where a man was on, then slowly turned into the man’s actual reality, which was that he was living in London. We circled the adjectives and verbs, then underlined the adverbs. Then we talked about the meaning and some other deep stuff. Gosh, one short-ish poem had a whole lot of meaning in it. Wow.

English had finished, and everyone moved onto Maths. Now, I was enjoying Maths, a LOT, because I was finally understanding how to add and subtract fractions. It was tough through the questions, yeah, but it brought back the solving spirit I once add. Then I thought about last year - if I wasn’t that great at fractions and didn’t understand it well, how DID I manage to stay in the top group?

That didn’t matter. I was still moving forward with the questions and tried my hardest. To skip along, it was lunchtime. Now, notice how I had just said three words to describe Morning Tea? That’s because I did the same thing - eat, walk, sit, drink. That’s it. This time, at lunchtime, things changed. I was sitting by myself, next to some girls gossiping. Then, some guys from the other classes in Year 9 came by, and we started to talk, A LOT.

It reminded me of “Group Chat”, where we would move from one subject to another, and at some times there would be a long “sooooo” and an “awkward” thrown into the conversation. Hugs came out of nowhere, an apple was thrown, all of a sudden lots of people came nearby the box seat! What a weird thing! But they weren’t coming for me, obviously, it was just probably coincidence.

We stood and talked, and someone from one the Sommerville Satellite classrooms. He knew Bradley. We talked with him for a while as he talked about an interest for someone. I’m not telling who, for obvious reasons, so I’ll move on. I joked about the whole group coming back together again, saying something like, “So, tomorrow, aye?” and laughed it off. I thought this wouldn’t happen again because the “group” assembled by accident.

But we'll wait and see for the next post...

I’ll have to end the post about now or somewhere now because it’s a bit long, as per usual. Science came along and I can say that I had my first reliever teacher. I forgot his name, but forget about that (get it?), he was a good guy. He taught as well as Mrs. Quigley, because Mrs. Quigley was gone for a class field trip with another class as I mentioned earlier, and 9E worked on graphs, the beginning of graphs, and tried making a graph using that Maths book grid paper. 

It worked out great, just except for the two guys on my table that were 75% tired.

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