Thursday, 11 February 2016

11th February - Today I Learned...

I came early for once!! HOORAY!!

And I spent it walking around with some of the other guys of 9E. I say “Hi’ and “Hello” to some people as I walk by, then...the bell rang, and I was standing outside Block S with the guys of 9E. After the mentoring session, which I can’t remember what it was about, but knew that it was about the homework, we went off to music. It was the first session for me, and probably some other people, but it was cool. 

Going down the hallway to the music room (wow it feels weird saying that now) for the second time, entering the classroom, and seeing Mr Holmes with...with...I forgot her name, dang it...but I knew Mr. Holmes, and he looked pretty chilled out. He talked about some stuff about him, a little bit of his personal life, and explained how some students recognise him on the street. Skip a few minutes later and everyone’s a human instrument, and we’re all making beats and trying to conquer one of the five to three best classes that doesn’t stuff up on the first try on something.

It goes well...sort of. It felt good to me, but then we closed our eyes and were placed in different places. Different ending. So much noise. So much confusion. But so cool and funny at the same time.

After Music came P.E-but it was interrupted, before it even started, by a meeting. An Attitude meeting. I don’t know if I ever talked about Attitude on the blog but in case I haven’t, there was an Attitude programme in Tamaki Primary for the Year Seven and Year Eights, and the speaker was Nate and he was a cool dude, the speaker this time was Allenzo or something like that (I’m sorry if I misspelled his name), and he talked about Hauora. Meaning wellbeing. And it goes back to the four walls of self: the Spiritual side, the Mental side, the Physical side, and the Social side. They are all important, it’s true. AND he told the Year Nines a story that involved a guy named Willy! Or Willie, either is alright. But the Willy/Willie he talks about gets taken off the field. It was a sport story. And it was sad at the end.

Move onto Morning Tea where I literally sit, eat, drink, then walk...yeah, that’s basically it. And I walked into the library where English was going to be for a lesson. Then the “bell” rings. Ms. Clark asks me to line up outside with the rest of the class. Awkward. Then while waiting outside, and talking with some guys about completely random stuff like bushes and gardening.

Everyone in 9E went into the library to first, do a scavenger hunt in split groups for certain areas of the library and books (by the way, the librarian told everyone everything there was to know about the library and the placements of the books beforehand). Then picked books. I got Gone Girl, only because it had good ratings once on Goodreads.

But I didn’t expect swearing until I read the first few pages. Well, that’s alright. Moving on. French. Now, things were heating up in the classroom, especially when the French teacher practically criticized my decision to follow a buddy of mine for French to another table. If he crossed over to Ti Rakau Drive, would you follow him there? Now, I know I don’t know why she asked me that if I was following someone, who was probably making the right decision. Later on, the French class was filled with interruptions and distractions. At least I knew from there, I was sitting at the right spot, Madame MacPherson.

Lunchtime came and I bought myself a pie this time. It was hot, but so worth it.

“I can smell a pie…” a classmate of mine said, for a humorous outcome.

I needed to eat the pie fast. Moving right along, I was in Social Studies! Yeah! During Social Studies, everyone was completing the first activity in this booklet that was worth 4 points for something I only remember half was 4 points that would contribute to some other points that would get you through Social Studies, or Year Nine somehow.

I tried being honest for the first few questions because I forgot the translation of the school motto (my green booklet thing was left at home, I’m sorry), and I really thought that “Edgewater” was named like that because it was on the edge of water (river). I mean, seriously, that’s all I could think of. I thought of it thoroughly...and deeply.

Oh, and I went for a checkup at a dentist in that dentist van, and it felt weird, especially what happened when I talked. The guy who sits on my table had finished, and I said, “Ooh, I hope I’m not next…”,
“Next person…” said one of the dentist people, who pointed at me,
“Wow. I’m next.” I quietly said to a classmate next to me, followed by small laughter.

The dentist people knew my heart condition, that was good. A man put something in my teeth, while also putting something near my mouth. I think he was taking a picture of my teeth. I kept sliding down a bit so i had to move up quite awkwardly. But when it finished, I struggled for about two seconds because my shirt was choking me. 


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