Wednesday, 10 February 2016

10th February - Today I Learned...

To like fractions again...

I wasn't a big fan of fractions, to be frank. It all started (weirdly enough) in 2013. During a fraction car game. Since the start of playing that game, I completely flunked in fractions. That wasn't a great game for me. Then the next year I learned something REALLY important that would've helped with fractions, then I forgot.

Learned something about fractions and decimals that seemed EXTREMELY important - then forgot. Now I was here, in Maths class, listening to Mr Abeysuriya talk about a strategy for how you can order three different fractions. I can't explain the whole strategy - because it's past eleven, but I knew that I felt happy that I knew the strategy to help me order fractions.

Now I wish I would think faster when I do that IKAN-like test.

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