Thursday, 28 January 2016

Throwback Thursday #6

Hi, reader.

It's me. With another Throwback for this Thursday. And I've posted the video for it before, too. At the start of Term Four, Room 10 started off the term with an experiment. The drawing below gives the title and a piece from the video....

Ahhh, the Water Bottle Experiment. Such a great time. Everyone was making hypothesises, and I didn't have to do a presentation! Yay! Well, I don't I had to...because I was the editor of this video! It has a few flaws to the video, because you know, it was hard editing after being away for...well, a reasonable amount of time away from iMovie. But it turned out..."well" and this was the end result....

Thanks to Maopa and Mehi for the camerawork. And help with editing.

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