Saturday, 9 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Extra Activity - Starting an Airline!

Hi, reader. Here is an EXTRA activity that I wanted to do, and it was to imagine that I had been given $1,000,000 and, I decide to start my own airline right here in New Zealand! What would I call it? I've got to design a simple logo for your airline and post it on my blog.

And so, I made an airline called "Lou Alan Airlines", and I want to tell you, reader, why I named my airline "Lou Alan Airlines". The airline is named after Sergeant Lindsay Eion "Lou" Grant (39 years old at the time) and Constable Alastair Alan Sampson (27 years old at the time), Police Air Support Unit officers who died in a mid-air collision that occurred in 1993 in Auckland. I picked these two specifically because it would be a thing to honour two police officers who were gone too soon - in mid-air...

But anyways, that's my airline!


Rachel Williamson said...


This is a very thoughtful and touching tribute to two fallen heroes. Thank you for thinking so carefully and deeply about the activity. I particularly like the graphic that you created for the logo. May I ask you what software programme you used to produce the image?

I really like that you have chosen to use small airplanes in the main body of the logo and to configure them in such a way that you have created a single, large plane as the primary visual. Awesome.

Wishing you a very good start to the week! See you online...


Willy I said...

Hi, Rachel,

Thanks for the feedback, I used that website you recommended,, and I was just skimming through the Travel and Accomodation section for a sign, and stumbled upon the one I have as a sign right now. And thanks for the comment, too!

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy, I'm so glad to see that Vistaprint was useful :) It may come in handy for you next year when you're asked to create logos or design images for work in Year 9. Are you looking forward to going to high school? I can still remember feeling a little bit apprehensive about it but I come from a small town in Canada so all of my friends went to the same high school. It made the transition from primary to high school a little bit easier to bear...

Hope that you're having a good January. I'm looking forward to blogging with you more over the next few weeks:)


Carolyn said...

Hi Willy,

It's great to be reading your blog - wow you are a very active Summer blogger! Good on you!! As Rachel has said, that is really thoughtful of you to name your airline after two fallen heroes. Looking forward to checking out some of your other summer posts now!


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