Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Day 3 - Packing!

Hi, reader.

Onto Day 3 (sorry for missing the last two days, I had to figure out how to do this task, and the season in Germany is, by my little research, winter) now, and it was official! I was going to board a plane with Curious Kiwi to Frankfurt, Germany. The first task, though, was to list the things that I would take to my designated country. Now, remembering the facts, the average temperature in Germany in winter is 0.5 degrees celsius!

So I thought, why not have some of the clothing be warm clothing!

And I checked the weather. The temperature’s are at LEAST under 10 degrees, so I better be wiseful on the clothes I choose! And equipment!

  1. *Snowsuit - it can get PRETTY cold in Germany during winter!
  2. *Camera - to take photos and videos on 
  3. Mittens - part of the snowsuit, might not be good to have cold hands
  4. *A SMART Phone - to call loved ones so I can tell them what’s going on, and to post about my holiday using the internet!
  5. 2 pair of pants - kind of obvious why..
  6. 2 pair of jeans - more obvious why, and it's stylish too!
  7. 3 pairs of jumpers
  8. 4 beanies - keep the head warm!
  9. 3 underwears/underwear - everyone needs underwear, right?
  10. *Money? - hopefully I can change the currency of my money once I arrive in Germany
  11. *Shoes and 5 pairs of warm socks;

I hope that’s not a lot of things to take with me, but this is what I would take to Germany. What do you think?


Katharina said...

Dear Willy,

that is a great list of things to pack for your winter adventure! I like that you are packing four beanies. I guess that means you can wear different ones to match your outfits?

I think it is a great idea to pack a camera and a smart phone to keep in touch with your love ones.
Please do not forget to have your passport handy as well!

What are you planning to pack in your carry-on to keep you entertained on the plane? I usually take a book and either some crafting stuff (without sharp needles or scissors, e.g. I knitted a pair of socks once) or a sudoko book. If I am going to a new destination, I usually also have a travel guide with me and take some notes for my iternary.

Looking forwards to reading more about your adventures,
bis bald,

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy (and Katharina!),

I think that you have created a very good list of items to bring with you! I like the suggestions that Katharina made as well regarding a passport and some carry-on baggage. I must admit that I always pack a light snack in my carry-on just in case we are delayed or in the in-flight meal isn't very tasty!

I think that warm clothes will definitely be necessary this winter as The Weather Network (www.weather.com) says that it is currently 4 degrees and rainy in Frankfurt. What is it like in Jena today, Katharina? Are you walking to and from work in a beanie and jeans?

Looking forward to catching up with both tomorrow and to reading more about what you decide to do once you arrive in Germany, Willy. It is such a fascinating country! I think that you will be spoiled for choice :)

Take care and travel safely to Frankfurt!



Willy I said...

Thanks, Rachel and Katharina for the feedback!

Rachel Williamson said...

It is our pleasure, Willy. We are really enjoying blogging with you :)

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