Saturday, 23 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Day 11 - Activities One and Two - German Television

NOTE: It took me a LONG time to watch all the videos due to internet connection.

Hi, reader.

More activities for Day 11 on the Summer Learning Journey.
To set the scene, I was still feeling pretty tired today so I decided to spend one more day relaxing in front of the TV. Today, when I turned it on I also decided to scroll through the channels to see what local television programs, movies and music are like in the country. To see what is popular in your country, click on the links below and watch the videos. Each country has three videos. In some cases, the videos will be in different languages!

If you want, reader, you can watch the videos for yourself. You don’t have to, I mean, one of the videos are more than twenty minutes long but hey, it’s a television show, so no surprise there...

Famous German Musician

Famous German Band

Popular German Television Show

Now, for the first task...

Now that you have watched the three videos for your country, it is time to rate them from best to worst. Post the names of the videos in your blog in order from 1 to 3 with the best video as #1 and the worst as #3.

  1. Lowenzahn - enjoyed the show, which was unexpected.
  2. Andreas Bourani - watched it just before the internet went slow, and it felt nice and uplifting...though I couldn’t understand the lyrics...because it was in German...
  3. Rammestein - wouldn’t say it was the WORST but it was definitely a good way…


Think about the video that you liked the most. On your blog write the name of your favourite video and provide a short review of it. What was good about the video? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Was it different to what you’ve seen in New Zealand? If so, how was it different? You will need to answer each of these questions in your blog post to earn all 4 points!

My favourite video out of the three was Lowenzahn. It was my favourite because it was not just an educational kids programme (which I learned from Google), but it was a mystery-type show. The main character goes on a little search for who was responsible for something I don’t know about anymore and in the meantime, teaches the viewer what honey, which was the main theme of the episode, does to affect our lives, and bees.

It was quite different to what I’ve seen in New Zealand - the show reminds me of Shortland Street except in focuses on one character and, well, it was different because it obviously was in a different language, AND if it IS a kids programme, it’s different with the location and backgrounds. Usually when I watch a kids show it’s in a set, whereas in the show it might have a few sets (I don’t really know), but it’s pretty...real, the location’s real.

But all in all, I liked this show quite a lot.

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed Lowenzahn. It is quite fun, isn't it? I must admit that I had never made the connection between the German programme and Shortland Street until you suggested it but I can definitely see it. Speaking of educational kids programmes, were there any programmes that you watched as a child that you loved? I don't know much about children's programmes in New Zealand (having grown up in Canada) but I would love to learn.

Thanks for sharing all of your ideas, inspiration and creativity with us this summer. It has been wonderful to have you as a participant in the Summer Learning Journey programme. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your blogs and will look forward to following your transition into high school.

All the best for the 2016 school year. Knock 'em dead!


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