Year Eight Leavers Movie

This is the Year Eight movie that was edited and done by Ms Kyla, with some images taken by me. She gets the full credit, and I wish all my Year Eight colleagues and friends the best in their upcoming learning journey in college next year, and I hope to see at least most of them, later on.

Please enjoy the video. It was a walk down memory lane...kind of reminds me of the day before the end of school this year, where Teina, Fa'amanu, and I were standing in the hallway near the library, reminiscing about our years at Tamaki Primary. It was truly distracting (in a good way) and radical. 30 minutes were spent just looking at the pictures. So cool :')

By the way, to break the formality...check out that thumbnail...pretty...pretty cool, am I riiight...notice that there was no question mark, for effect...


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