Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday 25th - The Laser Session...

Thirty minutes of pressure, strategy, running, staring, squinting, screaming, yelling, charging....and striking...

Don't forget striking...

My "group", because I didn't know what group I was in, was going in, just after the others came out all hot and...sweaty...and sounding pretty tired!

I was going to ask myself, "Is it THAT hot in there?!" but I didn't have time to think, there was just under 30 minutes before 11:00am...and I wasn't going to waste any of it. We all went inside this room, where it had these lights that, the room was dark and black, but the lights were all...urgh, nevermind, we all sat on these seats.

A lady who was in the room guiding us to sit down told us that the actual laser room smells worse than the room we were currently in. And the room smelt, like, a lot. So I decided to document that recount...

Hi, everyone. Uhh, breaking news, it smells worse in that room than it does in this room-" I said, before being bombarded by first a "Hi, Willy!" by Paterita and this from Starr:

"IT WAS BRODIE, BROOKLYN, BRANDON, CYPRESS, AND-" and that's pretty much all I remembered from the recording.  After watching a video on what to do and how to play laser strike, and several other subjects about the type of laser gun we get and...well, I watched half of it before getting lost and distracted. But we took pictures before going out. I was on Team Blue (because blue's my favourite colour) and there was the Green Team.

The Green Team went out first, and after probably five seconds, the Blue Team went out. I was confused on which door to pick. Five seconds in...already struggling! I follow Lauren out a door...and I slide on the walls. It was really difficult seeing what was happening. All you see are probably lights, darkness....more lights, and darkness.

Skip a few minutes, and I was running for my life away from someone. "Help me!! Get away from me!! Aaaahhh!!!" I yelled, running into a wall, then a dead end, then at the edge. Gosh, it was so hard, especially the running. Why did I run?!?! Skip a few more minutes and I get confused on how I know I've recharged after being "shot". "How do you know if you've recharged?! HELP!!" I yell again.

Skip a few more minutes, and I run into Raena, who was also "shot". Yes, I was "shot" again and needed to recharge. After a few seconds, I needed to check if I was alright, I had to pull the trigger. And Raena was on the Green Team, by the way...

Me: Okay, so if I...
*pulls trigger* Raena is shot
Raena: Whoa! What the?!
Me: does work-
Raena: Willy!
Me: Oh, sorry! I was just testing!
.........*pulls trigger again* Raena is shot again
Raena: Really?! Again?!
Me: Sorryyyyy......

After knowing I was done testing the gun and seeing if I was alright, I got Paterita down. I would say I shot her, but that sounds a bit weird, don't you think? But yes, I got Paterita down (she was on the Green Team as well), and she chased me a bit while she was charging. 
I got shot by Cavhyon. In conclusion, and to move along, it was a session filled with laughter, fear, war-like comments, confusion, shots, paranoia, and a lot of action!

When we got out of there, we were looking at the scoreboard. I came SECOND!!!

Second to last.

I had to hurry and get away, though, because I had a placement test coming up. No judgements here, whatsoever, reader, no matter what college suggestion you come up with, I was taking the test at a college. But that would mean that I would miss out on JUMP - but I was fine with it at the time. Just as long as NO ONE brags about how much I missed on JUMP, I'm totally fine!

When I was waiting for the test, though, one of the guys that already did their test in the morning, recognized me! They asked me, and very specifically, "Are you Willy from Tamaki Primary?"
And I answered, with a question, "How did you know?"
"You commented on my blog..."

I looked confused, because usually I forget about a comment about a week after. Especially if it's on a cluster blog...but I do mean those comments, and it must've been a long time when I commented on his blog. 

Didn't know his name, though.


Raena said...

WILLY!!! the digital boy hahahaha! I love how specific you are,you put in every single detail, and your punctuation is fantastic! I have been scrolling through your blog and I must say you really do blog everything! you put so much effort into your blogging, keep up the AMAZING work!

Willy I said...

Thanks, Raena!

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