Sunday, 6 December 2015

Thursday 26th - At Waiwera! Part Two...

My representation of a splash at the pools...

I just had my sausage sizzle thingy (here we go again), well, I'll just name it a sausage sizzle, no matter if it's wrong or right, I'm going to call it that, alright!

I then went around the whole resort to see what was happening. Of course, people splashing around and people...well...splashing around! I heard that there was this particular pool where it was hot....reeeaaallllyy hot....Whaea Petra said that her record was 3 seconds, and if that's the case, then that's really hot.

I followed Paige and Whaea Petra to the Reflection Pools, and the way we were walking felt like it was something secret...something that was...I don't knoow...sacred, in a way...

But just when I kept saying, " might not be THAT hot...", there was this random guy who literally came running out of the pool nearly red! I put my hand in there, and I don't know how long it was, but it was short and HOT! Gosh, dang it, that was hot. But what a challenge! Paige could keep her hand in the longest *voice goes boring* and that was....that was...*voice goes to normal* moving on!

I catch up with Lyric and Paterita. We were talking for a bit, and me and Paterita actually thought of a good thing to do, since we couldn't swim in the pool. We could still put our legs in the pool! Although I went ahead with that thought, because Paterita thought someone would push her in. No one pushed me in, I just got wet. Actually, I got MORE wet, because who goes out of the spa resort without experiencing a bit of water splashed at them?

After that break, I ran away from Paterita and Lyric, because they were going to wet, because I said something sad-but-funny to Lyric. Her voice was still healing after Athletics Day. Probably lots of cheering. I don't know for sure, but moving on, I got my shoes back a few minutes later, and I find out that it was nearly the end of the day! How quick was that, and by the way, I'm saying this because the rest of the time was getting wet, wetting people, and....being wet! Wow, that sounds weird, but who cares!

Everyone was gathering in the pool, and the clothed guys just outside the pool, posing to take a picture. I didn't know what was happening behind me, but I was glad I didn't get splashed. That was good. Oh, and I was wearing this lavalava (that got soaked but saved me from more soaking, so thank you) from Ms Aireen, which I needed to at least save my pants from being wet. Like, a lot, by people, one of them being, ohhh, I don't knooow, Ajani. Oh, I thought you'd know her, Ajani is a friend of mine who's pretty....pretty....attitudistic? It might be a word, but also, it might not, as long as I see it on Google, it's a word I know. But yes, she splashed me multiple times for no apparent reason! Great friend, right?!

We took a few pictures, and Brandon had wet me. Though in one of them he was coming up above me, and that reminded me of....the squid....if you didn't know what the squid was, reader, it was this short occurrence that occurred during the school pool picnic earlier in the year, where Brandon was literally grabbing onto me in the pool.

So it gave me soooo much GREAT memories of that occurrence. Ahhh, good times, good case you didn't know, I was being sarcastic. But anyway, we were getting ready to go, and since, well, I wasn't going to get changed, I just helped a bit with Mariana and a parent helper (never knew her name, never knew her, sorryyy) take some stuff. Mariana brought me a slushy that was Fanta flavoured, yum.

Then the awkwardness began. I sat by myself on another table, when students from another school, or possibly a college (I had no idea) came by to get out the gate. It was so awkward, reader. I can't tell you how awkward it was. I kept my head down, sipping on the slushy. Just kept my head down, I avoided eye-contact. I mean, have YOU been bombarded by a tsunami of people just passing by you, and knowing that some of them, oblivious to your presence, just walking on the seats and shaking the table??

Well, have you??

If you have, well it's not that surprising, everyone goes through it at least three times during their school life.

Thank goodness Etai came along, to break the awkward moment. Thank you. I realised that I had to be with the others. Brilliant. I waited for nothing. Well, I waited for...Etai? Nevermind, I went back and people asked me about the slushy. Then some people asked for it. Kind I am, I said yes, but don't worry...

No germs were shared.

Oh, and on the way to the bus, I saw a piece of ice just laying on the road. Whoa!

That was random!

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