Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday 26th - At Waiwera! Part One....

Hi, reader. I'll just skip through to the morning.

Thursday morning, and I'll just start off with the hour and a bit drive to Waiwera. Did you know that it was in North Auckland? I didn't! I certainly didn't know that! Not. At. All.

During the short journey to the Waiwera Hot Pools (the place we were going to for today), I was having a conversation with TJ about some stuff. Some of it was the bummer of not going to JUMP (which at this point of time was) yesterday. Thank you, time, thank you very, very, VERY much. ON the way, we had some laughs and pictures.

When we arrived (because I can't go into more detail of the hour trip to Waiwera), we all (Year Seven and Eights) went into our groups. I wasn't swimming though. I had body aches from Athletics Day, but with the Boot Camp it just got worse. For a long time. But at least the two events were fun! I just need to remember to stretch before doing any exercise.

ANY, exercise. So, fully clothed, and with Paterita, Nita, and Paige (I think that's all), I walked around the pools to take pictures of what was happening. But just a few seconds into the fun event, while everyone was getting changed, I got lost in which direction to go to. Skip a few minutes, and I arrive at this place that, if you have this doughnut raft, can let you go around!

It looked cool, here's a picture!

Not only did I go there, but I went to the other pool places too. There were these slides that people said was "shallow"...

After a period of filming, taking pictures, hearing people's happiness spring into life, see people enjoying themselves in the pools (I don't sound jealous, don't I?), it was time for lunch. Chardonnay was sitting down listening to music, and I was wondering why she wasn't swimming. She was wearing the right clothes (right, as in, they weren't cotton or wool), but was sitting by herself.

Just a bit of a catch-up on Chardonnay, here, she once slipped in that pond-place during the day at the Point England Reserve. Don't worry, it was just a slip-up. Yeeeahhh, we're now mentioning some mistakes that we did. Like for her it was slipping, and for me it' was an accident that was waiting to end...

But, yes, lunchtime came along. Everyone ate some sausages, and we were all talking. A bit annoying about a couple of friends commenting on why I wasn't swimming. I had body aches from Athletics Day and the Boot Camp exercise, okay! And it was getting worse by the temperature. It was just so...flamin'...HOT!!

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