Wednesday, 16 December 2015

This Is EXTREMELY Important...

Hi, there, reader.

This is an important post. Now that I am out of Tamaki Primary, and am reaching college, there are going to be some changes to this blog. I'm going to Edgewater College, not Tamaki College. It was my personal choice, so sorry, but it was my personal decision. There's a BIG chance that Edgewater College is not part of the Manaiakalani Cluster.

But I don't want to stop blogging. I've come all this way, and just to leave my blog like this? No! I need to keep going. I need to not stop. But posts will not be as regular as it was back in 2014 and this year.

Another thing that is changing is the title of this blog. Willy @ Tamaki Primary. In 2016, I'm not going to be in Tamaki Primary anymore. Sure, there's occasional visits, but other than that...I'm not going to be a student in Tamaki Primary anymore. So, the title of the blog will be changed to simply...uhh...what's a good blog name that's about me..."Willy". Willy will be the new name.

You'll see some more changes as the summer holidays goes by.

In the meantime, I'll be posting some posts I never posted in time. And posts that were supposed to be posted a week ago. And almost a week ago.

More updates as the days go by.


Willy I said...

"Construction" work has begun on the blog. Do not panic if you see a major change in the blog, I am currently testing fonts and sizes.


Willy I said...

More changes, including the background, have been added.

And a new feature has been added. "Featured Post" just on the right. It will be updated every week.


Dorothy said...

I'm liking the makeover you are giving your blog.

Remember a couple of rookie things that can create disaster: always use the 'Simple' or 'Picture Window' templates if you are going to bling because the others create all kinds of disasters until you learn how to use CSS. And keep going back to Advanced in the template options to make sure the width of your entire blog accommodates the designs you have chosen.
You might find this blog about...blinging your blog... useful

Mrs Burt

Willy I said...

I'm already onto that, Mrs Burt! The part about the width of the blog that fits the gadgets and designs, but I think I'll leave the whole design of the blog the way it is for now. Thanks for the feedback!


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