Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Speech... | The 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Week 3)

Okay, so, Labour Day was on Monday, so I should skip that. For now...hehe…

Tuesday. I volunteered to get out of the classroom (because I didn’t know what was happening for a few minutes) along with Cypress, Deandra, and Ma’asi to welcome visitors who were coming to the school for something I forgot about. Whoops. But I know that it was going to be in the boardroom, and in the boardroom, there were sweets and treats in those little bowls. Gosh, I wanted some! But unfortunately, since it was during school, and I am a student, I couldn’t be bothered later on. So, dang it.

Only, probably, one or three people came by, because there was probably a lot of people in the boardroom already, I believed. We then went back to class, and guess what? I missed my Spelling and IKAN test! Yay! Now I’ve put myself into the section of catching up, and you know it’s not good when you have to do a catch up test when you miss out of the initial test day. You miss out on the good stuff and have to go to another room and you’re not in the comfortable atmosphere that is the classroom. Dang it.

Wednesday, I’m moving onto Wednesday, the middle of the week. There was a Cluster Rugby tournament, and most of the class was gone. It was a lot of people, but thankfully, with the amount of people gone, it was quiet in class. The Year Sevens was not with us, because, you know, the Year Sevens are in Room 10, since a majority of their class is gone too.

You know what I mean, right, reader?

Right? Nevermind, I got confused halfway through making that sentence. Gosh, I’m not making sense any more. But it will get better, I promise, reader…

Now, I can move onto Thursday. Thursday was a usual day, except for one thing. There were a few Tamaki College students (or ex-Tamaki Primary now Tamaki College students) that visited Room 10 after they came from KiwiSport. I’ll make a separate post about this later on, because I was the cameraperson (surprise, surprise). I filmed the probably whole session of them talking about their first year/s at college (specifically Tamaki College, but this reflects college in general with being a Year 9).

The whole session was split into three parts, because it was pretty long, as you wouldn’t have known, because OF COURSE this was vital information to use for the Year Eights. If you didn’t know, or didn’t realise, this is the Year Eight’s last year at Tamaki Primary, and next year they’ll be at college.

Makes sense, huh? I’ll make a post about this later on, with the videos.

Now onto the speeches. We started speeches this week, and, in another separate post that I’ll do later on, I can say that most of Room 10 had finished and had practised their speech. I had finished my speech, but...I hadn’t practised it much prior to presenting. SOO, when I was picked to go after Khorus, I was a BIT nervous, but other than that, I was alright.

I mean, I’ve done this all before, haven’t I?? Right?? You’ve followed my speeches at those Manaiakalani Ambassadors meetings, right? Oh, well.

I did my speech, and I got good marks. Probably. Possibly. Maybe I got good marks. My presenting skills are preeettttyyy good, wouldn’t you agree, reader? W..would you agree? Oh, well, can’t be bothered to ask you that when you’re on the other side of the screen.

That’s all I remember.

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