Friday, 25 December 2015

The Google Santa Tracker!

Hi, hi, HIII!!

Another post related to Christmas - focusing on Santa! Ever dreamed of tracking Santa's journey, giving gifts and presents to children LIVE around the world, while also exploring different surprises revealed each day of December before Christmas? Well, this is one of them, and it's called the Google Santa Tracker! It's this website filled with everything Santa and Christmas related, includes lessons and games for the viewer to read and interact!

I found this website back about two to three years ago, and am still enriched by all its fun stuff! And when Santa arrives in New Zealand...I mean, WOW! Sure, we all know the truth about Santa - and I found out years ago as a little boy (not really little, a bit tall), but it sure is creative and exciting to see Santa's progress around the world!

New Zealand is part of the lessons on "Traditions Around the World",
and he visited us just before midnight!
Santa's live tracking, going up South America!

The Google Santa Tracker Calendar - each day from December 1 to December 24
there's a new pop up, either a video, game, or lesson, released to the viewer.
The first level of the addictive game, Gumball Tilt

The Gumball Tilt "thumbnail"...
Click here to see the calendar and Santa's Village, and click HERE to see his tracks and journey around the world! But remember, there is a limited time so once Christmas Day passes New Zealand, the website goes offline! Because, you know, Santa comes once a year, and the site is based on Santa! Do you see what I mean?

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