Spot the Difference!

Hi, reader.

It's Spot the Difference! To be simple and straightforward, all you need to do is find the NINE differences (or ten, I don't know how many differences there were because I was busy editing the picture). It's been a while since the last Spot the Difference, so this was cool to make!

I hope this was worth it....


  1. Here we go Willy:
    1 - In pic 2 there is no salt on the table
    2- Placement of key is different to picture 1
    3 - There is a red star in picture 2
    4 - Colour of the sheet that is covering the couch is different to picture 1
    5-There is an ornament on the table instead of salt in picture 1
    6 - There is no picture at the back of you in picture 2
    7 - The shade of the colour of your skin is different in picture 2
    8-There is a picture frame on the wall on top of the window is missing in picture 2
    9- The salt bottle in on the Christmas tree in picture 2

    I hope I have all 9 correct. Thank you for posting this Willy as I had fun looking carefully through both pictures and spotting the difference. This task definitely got my brain and thinking working this morning :-)

  2. Can't believe I didn't see this comment.

    You've done pretty well, Ms Aireen! Maybe next time I should make a post about the answers, just so I know what the guesses look like in the picture - but well done!


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