Monday, 14 December 2015

Quote #2...

Another quote by another person.

Quick story, Mehi and I would talk online, well, I would be doing some work, and she'd be online, and we would chat a bit about some stuff around here and around there, and although I didn't get so distracted, we did chat for a while. And sometimes I would crack a pretty "smart" joke or pun, like, uhh...

I'm so good at making puns of Shortland Street! I must be Punia!

Ohhhhhh, did you get that? Moving on, Mehi would get sick of those puns because I was quite literally cracking one every. Single. Minute. And I would be so happy! Because wordplay is important in vocabulary humor! Then Mehi sent me an email, and it began a short phenomenon of saying:

By the way, here's what the email would be if I cracked a joke...

Mehi did this frequently if I did a deep joke that was...okay she got "angry" with all the puns :)

Talk about a visual pun! The drought picture, not the..the, uhh, poo emoticons...


MehIa said...

I'm SOO gonna miss that!
But Willy just keep a close eye on your email for the future....MWAHAHAHHAAHAHHA.


Willy I said...

Gonna miss the good times!
And I will not 'comment' to your anger zone with my puns.

Get it? I just did a pun when I said I won't do them. What a "contradiction".

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