Saturday, 19 December 2015

Prizegiving Speech...

This is the speech that I shared at this year's Prizegiving ceremony. I worked hard on this speech, as I tried to include some important moments from my journey in Tamaki Primary over the past five years.


Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia Orana, Kia Ora, and warm greetings to you all. My name is Willy and I would like for you all to dedicate the next few minutes to be with me. Look around you. See the smiles of everyone's faces? We are truly delighted to welcome and see you here today. On the count of three, turn to your neighbor and say 'hello'. There are no strangers here, only friends we are soon yet to meet. One, two, three!

(then just wait and make something up) <-- This was basically an attempt to make the audience interact with each other. I thought this would take at least two seconds to say "Hello" to someone next to them, but took about five.

Thank you for participating in what could’ve been the same experience us Year Eights had when we first met other students, who then became to be our friends we know today. Our first years….or year, for some of us we may not have came to Tamaki Primary in our first years of primary, nor had Tamaki Primary as our first school. But even with that in mind, we have this one day to celebrate and honour our peers, colleagues, associates, friends, besties, so called “cousins”, brothers, sisters, patrons, members, classmates, workmates, mates, collaborators, fellow-travelers, nurses, teachers, affiliates, visitors, citizens, cohorts, and other configurations of being and personality.

As I say this speech, memories come by me like gusts of winds, on a cool and summer’s day. My first year at Tamaki Primary, the unfamiliar blue buildings that I confused for a house, the school that soon came to be the home of my second family, I was a confused boy who had long hair and was tall for his age. I am still a bit tall for my age, but that’s not the point. Technically, the first class I was ever in for Tamaki Primary was Room 3 with Ms Aireen. But that didn’t last long, and so I ended up in Room 4 with a teacher, who I apologize so sincerely for forgetting her name. Before you know it, I was moved to another class, once again.

It was Room 8. The class I stayed in for the rest of my first year at T.P.S. I was a Year Three, and I enjoyed my first year by going to different places like the Tip Top Factory, going down to the Panmure Wharf, and other places!

And so, in the years that came by, in 2011, I was in Room 6 with, first off, Mr Lintott, then Mrs Anderson, then Ms Carroll. The teacher kept changing. 2012, I was in Room 7, with Ms Aireen, receiving my first netbook, beginning my blogging and digital learning journey. 2013, Mrs Manuyag, in Room 5, developing the faith and confidence that I have today, then in 2014 I had Miss Kyla and Mr Wong as my teachers in Room 8. And after 2014, of course, was 2015, this year, being with first Ms Aireen, Whaea Petra, and Mrs Komor, now with Ms Aireen and Mrs Komor.

Year Eight. Being a Year Eight has been the most pressuring yet fun and busy years that I’ve had in Tamaki Primary. Being in a brand new building with a brand new classroom, being in a new syndicate that was true to its name, MAKING A FILM about the syndicate, and having it be shown to schools around the Tamaki area. Maintaining friends through my last year, staying as social as I can. Not only that, I can’t forget about trying my hardest in my learning, striving for success in learning inside the classroom, and outside the classroom.

I had a lot of memories, as mentioned before. But to put it into perspective, I’ll talk about my memories from this year, just so it’s easier. Representing my school at presentations, talking about the learning at Tamaki Primary. I also got that rare chance to bond with the other ambassadors, who were from the different schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster, as we showed tolerance, peace, and the caring nature between each other.

Also, blogging, too. Reaching over 1000 posts for that! Wow! And I hope to continue with blogging as college comes by.

Another memory that will stay with me, will have to be making a movie for this year’s Manaiakalani Film Festival. I have never experienced so much emotion in my school years: courage, excitement, frustration, fear, pressure, and don’t forget happiness while making a movie that was 2 minutes and 51 seconds long.

In a few days, I will leave this school with a bunch of memories and will depart from my friends, and even if I don’t know if I’ll see some of them again, I know that in the years ahead, with all the talents that we have and the abilities we share, that us Year Eights are going to achieve many great feats. Some of us aspire to be singers and songwriters. Some of us aspire to be sporting legends and be like their sporting hero. Some of us may not even know what we aspire to be!

But that’s okay, we’ll get there soon. I want to say something to my fellow Year Eight friends and acquaintances, that will either motivate them to keep going with a growth mindset in college, or not. Today you’ll be readers, tomorrow you’ll be leaders. Don’t let anyone’s opinion become your reality. You can DO IT! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Mistakes are just proof that you are trying. Don’t say you can’t do it, say you can’t do it YET.

Thank you for listening to that. But also, thank you, teachers, teacher aids, the principal, thanks for a great journey through primary and intermediate, preparing us for college and the adolescent years. Thank you to the people who have helped us Year Eights to get through the years, thank you for putting us back up when we were put down, thank you for the confidence, encouragement, and just all the help that you have all given us for the years ahead.

Thank you.

Fa’afetai Tamaki Primary

Manuia le malaga - all the best with your learning journey in college to all the Year 8 students who graduate with me today.


This was followed by applause, and I sat down. My last speech at Tamaki Primary was about my time at Tamaki Primary. Wow...

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