Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Last Day As A Student At Tamaki Primary...


Hi, reader.

Today was my last day at Tamaki Primary. My last day as a student at Tamaki Primary.

It started out good. Came into school with my sister, and I was being asked to play touch on the last day. That didn't happen (I regret not joining) because the ball was going everywhere! The ball was here, the ball was there, where else did the ball go? I don't know! It went flying to different people.

The morning bell rang for the last time. I went into Room One with basically the whole of Room 10, and we were split up into three "groups":

- A group to clean up Room 2
- A group to clean up Room 1
- A group to take the Room 1 and Room 2 students out to play duck, duck, goose outside

And I was the only person in Room One tidying up. For about two minutes. It ended after I ACCIDENTALLY (AND I MEAN THIS) knocked a glass vase, I think that's what you call it (I hope), and it smashed onto the floor into so many pieces. I was shocked that I didn't notice that it was there, I thought I could just lift a small chair across a table but-

NOPE! Miss Fortune (get it?) said "No, Willy! You get to smash a vase! HA HA!".

Dang it. Then I spent probably a LONG time just to find a dustpan (not shovel and brush, pfft) that could get the pieces. By the time I got back, most of the pieces were already picked up! All I had to do was just sweep some small bits but SOOO not worth it!

Well it was worth it a little bit. I got a shovel and a bru...a dustpan, I mean, I got a dustpan. Skip a block of doing nothing much except for helping and cleaning and helping with the giving of presents and a BIKE, saying "Ho, ho, ho" in a sad yet humorous way, it was time for the final assembly of the year, and, the final assembly that I will attend, as a student at Tamaki Primary.

We were farewelling Whaea Petra, Mr Minton, Ms Ellison, and one of the staff from the satellite classroom from Sommerville (I forgot her name, I AM SO SORRY, but my sister knows her name! She just...can't...spell...it...), and we were having a tonne of fun enjoying the performances from each class for the leaving teachers. Nostalgia came by me quite strongly during Room 5, it was their second PART of their performance that really caught me...

Gosh...that was cool having that feeling. Just passing by the few years. Thanks for that, Room 5.

After the assembly, it was...well I didn't know what to think of it...was it a Morning Tea? Or was it Lunchtime? Moooorrrning Tea? Or Lunchtime? Munchtime? Morntime? Mourntime? Lorntime? Morchintime? I don't know, I failed at mixing the two names together, didn't I?

I sat with Teina as she was covering her face. At first I thought she was crying, because, you know, who wouldn't right, but it turned out that she was actually tired. And sick! Whaea Salena came by with some other students, and her brother (it was his birthday today, too), and we talked about some stuff.

Stuff as in, the idea of getting a yearbook. That would've been fun to do, if I started back in Term One, since I document a few things of what we do, well, mostly the EOTC Week events and the Athletics Day events, and somehow the Dine and Dance event, too, but that's for another post. The Dine and Dance one, the EOTC Week and the Athletics Day events were posted a while ago.

Skipping a pretty full on Morning Tea of talking about deep stuff and discussion about some other subjects, and singing Happy Birthday to Whaea Salena's brother. Although a second into singing I was like:
"Haaaapppyyy Biiirrttthhdaayy-wait isn't this copyrighted?"

Skip a few more minutes, and I was...I was...where was I? Oh, yes, on the stairs. I was still doing the idea that I technically "popularized" in the Student Council, which was to stand in the stairway and watch for people if they were running, eating, or screaming/yelling/shouting up the stairs. Sure, I may have broken my own rules before, but today was the day where I would do it for the last time.

I had memories there. Just...standing there, in the corner. Yeah, that's about it for this part of the day.

The half-day ended with Room 10 sitting in the classroom, and we talked and had some drinks and juice, before getting our reports, and with some ending words from Ms Liddicoat and Ms Aireen, the bell rang!

By the way, it was great words from Ms Liddicoat and Ms Aireen. And I hope that we will carry those words - especially with the knowledge of having a growth mindset and a positive attitude. Everyone went outside the classroom and started hugging and crying...I didn't cry...like, literally, I didn't tear up at all throughout the whole hugging and farewell episode.

Walking out the exit with my sister, I walked home a student with bittersweetness inside him.

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