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Just Dance! Gonna be okay...da-doo-doo-doo | Dine and Dance 2015

Although the picture shows (from the right side to the left side) Cavhyon, TJ, Cypress, Viliamu (with a haircut), Brandon (guy looking down), and I sitting the start of the dance part, I was sitting with Brandon and TJ, while Mehi was sitting in the front of the table. Here's a diagram:

The three of us sat behind the table you see in the diagram, just before Whaea Petra came and told us that it was kind of like "hiding" away from the party, since we were sitting, BEHIND the table. And besides...she said Mehi was sitting by herself, so we should go and sit next to her-

"TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!" the song blared at our ears, and Brandon, TJ, and I shaked randomly, along with everyone else. After that, and another song of people just moving randomly like they were dance phenomenons, the three of us moved to the front with Mehi. By then, we started going forth and back for drinks. Brandon was drinking this weird drink that was just put out, that hurt his throat. I drank some, and it just felt weird! So I said something like this to him:

"They're doing something to us, maaaaaaate! What if this is...!" I practically yell out, but don't worry, I was only joking around. 

Skip many songs including awkward moments...'Happy' by Pharrell Williams came on! Yay! I'm not sick of this song despite hearing it for almost two years now, did you know that? Yes, it's hard to sing it a LOT, but come on! It gets people singing! And so that's what Brandon and I did, while sitting down. I was doing the high parts while he was doing the low parts, like this:

Bring me down, can't nothin', bring me down, your love is too high, bring me down, can't nothin', bring me down, lemme tell you now,
HAPPYY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPP-okay, you know a bit of what I sang, what was awkward about that part was that Chardonnay was watching the whole thing. There's me singing in a high voice. That's awkward, if you're looking at me from an angle a bit far away.

Then there was "My Girl" by the Temptations. I played with Viliamu's hair at the chorus. He yelled, "EWWWWWW!!!!! WHAAATTT THE HEEEEEEEELLL-moving on, Christopher asked me to dance with him on this one song I forgot the name of!! "What?!" I say, pretending to fan myself, "You chose me?!" I say in a fake, embarrassed manner. He took me BY THE HAND to an open space in front of people and we danced......

I laughed at the fact that this was happening. I mean, the last time we were like intimates (close friends), it was in black and white...

After that little dance, he moved onto someone else. :\

The next song, now. It was 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber. Starr came up to me and asked me to ask Mrs Manuyag to dance with me. I did. And after a bit of nostalgia coming from the dance and direction, it felt like 2014 for about three seconds, after finally getting the pattern. After that song ended, she thanked me, and I was tired. Memorizing dance moves is still hard on me!

I sat back down and was tired. And hot. Dang it, even with the "suit" I was wearing, it was still getting a bit...HOT in there! After a few minutes, some of the Year Seven guys went up to Ms Aireen, probably requesting something. I didn't know what they said exactly, because of the obvious loud music, but I can tell you what happened BECAUSE of what they said.

Another slow dance, with guys on one side and girls on the other. Dang it, guys. Well, YEAR SEVEN guys, ending up in the other guys joining. Now I had to ask a girl to dance with me. Dang, this was going to be a weird one. I walked a bit slowly to one girl, who had told me just a day before not to ask her to dance with me. At this moment, I feel like the best friend that will always "listen" to everyone. I was being sarcastic, if you didn't notice. The girl was hiding behind another girl, which was Mele, but for some reason, Mele moved off...

And so she was there...Mehi was almost using a curtain to hide, but after a bit of a pause, she came with me! Yay! Why am I celebrating that? She ditched me halfway through the song, anyway, and I ended up with Brandon...and due to some other backstory I won't talk about for now, I stayed with him, while Mehi went with Viliamu. "Let's have a dance off, then!!" I yell, holding onto Brandon. Wow, this feels familiar. And from here. Viliamu spun Mehi around, and I did the same.

Then Viliamu and Mehi did this move that I LEARNED last year but FORGOT, therefore they "won". BUT, I dipped Brandon! Someone should've taken a picture of that so I could show you (but noooo, it was just selfies and blurry pictures being taken), it was truly magical. He was quite heavy! At least Whaea Petra saw that moment, and I was cheering all around the hall about how I dipped someone for the umpteenth time (because I have dipped a lot of girl partners before.....the dance move "dipped").

We danced with each other again for the next song, and it caused an argument with me and Brandon and Mehi and Viliamu. We kept saying-no, yelling, "We won! You cheated! You have a girl!"
while they were yelling, "No, hey, we won! You're copying us!"
Brandon said something related to Beauty and the Beast.
"Mehi you're the beast!" he yelled out a moment later,
"No, hey, no you're not!" I yelled at Mehi, because she really wasn't a beast. I sai-no, YELLED, that she was the Beauty. But I said it as a friend, I'm being honest here.

She walked away from me. Leaving Viliamu alone (ha! No, I'm just kidding, sorry Viliamu), and I tried reasoning with her. "Mehi!" I yelled, passing through people. "Mehi!" I was trying to get through Teina and some other dude, and they were moving in the same direction as me! I went to the left, they went to the left. I went to the right, they went to the right. I went to the left agai-
"Move out of my way!" I yelled in a joking fashion.
"No!" Teina yelled back with a smile. We were saying this in a funny manner.

I practically chased Mehi around the "dancefloor". Shaking her head and giving that look she that meant that she was annoyed a bit, this was basically the real life version of her trademark silent ellipsis (explanation over here) that she'd do when we would chat online sometimes. I lost her. Dang it. I went back to Brandon.
"WAIT, WILLY, I TOLD HER IT WAS ME..." Brandon sort of yelled back.
I was fine after that, but Mehi wasn't talking to me, still. Probably because I didn't go and talk to her.

After a dance with Whaea Salena, which was again suggested by Starr (who I confused for someone else), and all was well. A few sneaky pictures by someone:

And that dance was done. I was thanked by Whaea Salena, and Tiere came along. We danced a bit while One Direction's 'You Don't Know You're Beautiful' was on, and I was interpreting the lyrics. I ended up touching her hair, getting blinded by the lights in the glass vases, and making random faces with Tiere. I was done after getting blinded by the lights in those vases. They were so bright! A few minutes later, with everything already packed up, Dine and Dance was finished, and so everyone gathered near the stage area, or, the place where the stage was, and there was a short talk. "Who had fun?" a question asked by Ms Aireen.

I bet everyone's hands went up. It was a great evening, after all. To cut things short, we all said goodbyes and we all...went...home...well at least that's what I did, my dad picked me up, and I saw some people just go up the Tripoli entrance and go off...

The, end.

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