Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Getting Ready...and a "toast"... | Dine and Dance 2015

I wore a suit-like outfit that wasn't technically a suit. It was a grey-silver-like jacket that my uncle (the same uncle I mention a bit on this blog) wore once before, some pants from my uncle's suit that I wore in a black suit last year here's a picture that includes me and some other guys from last year as a flashback, poof, and this shirt that I THINK had stripes with plaid, and this belt that remarkably survived a year.

With my normal school shoes, strange enough. It did look like it suited formal dressing.

I came through the same way I went last year (through the Tripoli Road entrance) at a bit past 5:30pm, trying to get away from this little girl (student from school, but I didn't know her name) and arrived, with a small amount of showers/rain. I saw Cypress walking towards me, who had some pretty awesome and neat shoes (compared to my shoes), and he said something related to:

"I'm trying to not dirty these shoes..."
And I replied, "Huh?" because, well, I couldn't hear him from about four metres away,
"I'm trying to not dirty these shoes." he said a bit louder,
"Oh..." I said, and looking dow-"Whoa!" I said, seeing the good colour.

We spent the next few minutes talking about style and jokes and music, and I finally realised...

Wait. He complimented my "suit". I should compliment his in return!

"Oh, yeah. Nice outfit by the way!" I say.
"Oh, yes, FINALLY! I was waiting for that!" he says in a surprised manner. Or, like...that way of talking where you've expected something to happen, then it happens, and you feel so great that it happens...

TJ gets dropped off at the Tripoli Road entrance, and we talked a bit. Skip a few minutes, and we're (TJ, Cypress, and I) walking in slow motion to Cavhyon, Cavhyon's mum, and Quitah. She had flowers from Cavhyon. That was nice! Talking for a bit, and a few more people come by (mostly guys), and just before you know it, it was time for the Dine.

It was my first time coming for the Dining part. And most probably my last time, but settling down to the tables and sitting where our reserved seats, and while waiting for the first meal, or the starter, or the...the...or, the, uhh...I forgot what else it was called, but anyway, Stanley suggested that I should do a toast. I declined softly, but then it escalated, and so, clinking on the glass vase and standing up, holding a microphone Ms Aireen gave me, and a drink that had a martini-type glass.

To see my, well, my "speech", click the video at the top of this post. If you've already posted it, well, you can watch it again if you want, I was making it up as I went, by the way. We began eating a few minutes later...

I'll make another post...

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