Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feast! | Dine and Dance 2015

Hi, again.

So the first meal was going to come out, and..well...before I continue, another backstory...

The week before, the whole of Room 10 were deciding on which meal they would want on the night. For the first meal there were two choices. I think one was chicken with mashed potatoes, and two was lasagna and a salad. That is what I remember. The desert (or the second meal) had two choices as well. One was ice cream, and two was a mousse. Again, that's how I remember it. I picked two and two (the second choice for the first meal and the second choice for the second meal).

Now fast forward to now...or the evening...and the chicken was confusing! I didn't know how to eat a chicken with a fork and knife. Neither did Brandon (he ordered the same thing). Neither did Christopher. Neither did-okay I'm going to stop right there. All I knew was that Christopher was using his hands, Brandon was still confused, and I was figuring out how to use the fork and knife. The chicken was nice, it was...

But the way to eat it was awkward. By the time I wanted to stop eating with the fork and knife, I was already feasting away! In the worst way possible! And I have underbite, so I obviously wasn't going to eat the chicken in a "proper way". After the first meal, there was the second meal. I ordered the second choice, which was the mousse. It was chocolate. I can't resist chocolate flavoured mousse. It was my first time, to be honest, and I finished it as someone started!

A few more drinks of orange juice, and some waiting, it was time for the Year Eights to get ready for the dance part. You know the drill, reader. Dine, then dance! That's why it's called Dine and Dance, right!

I'll save it for another post, though...

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