Saturday, 26 December 2015

That Happy Moment… | A Special Day/Event

The bride’s father gives the bride to the groom, and the guests with chairs sit down. The guests standing just...stayed standing...gosh, it was a pain standing straight for and extremely long time. But the whole moment was so touching, even with the pain. 

They exchanged vows to each other, and they were blessed. We all prayed-well, not me...I was holding a camera recording it all. Besides, I could’ve missed a moment! Give me a moment to say that I am strict on capturing events on camera. And I try to keep it steady, too.

Moving on, I always distract myself. Dang it...after a few prayers in English, Samoan, and Tongan, they both stood up, and looked at each other. My uncle raised the veil.
“Is this her?” the celebrant asked in a joking fashion. A few laughs from the guests, before they sealed the start of their marriage with a kiss.

Mind you, I am thirteen years old. Capturing a kiss by the husband and wife for the first time is quite new to me, not that I’m going to be doing this in a while.

They walked down the, wait, now that I remember, they stopped a bit to hug Nana and my uncle’s WIFE’s parents and while that happened, the celebrant was saying stuff like:

“Please let the bride and groom walk by, you can congratulate them later.”

“They’re trying to get through the aisle, please wait…”

“Please wait…”

They walked to the back of the aisle, with everyone still standing, and walked back slowly to the front. I don’t know how to explain it, but there were now people taking pictures of them and hugging them more, and doing some stuff with them, and they were all posing, and I was trying to get a picture of them with my mum and dad, I failed to get a good picture...

I would talk about what happened after, it was the reception, filled with lots of performances, songs, yelling (in a good way), food (SURPRISING choices, I might say), and lots of sitting. It was a great day, indeed, and my uncle and now aunty are going on their honeymoon next month.

The End...

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