Friday, 25 December 2015

A Special Day - Introduction

The following posts recollect my Labour Day...a wedding...
Hi, reader!

Labour Day was a great day! All sunny, some clouds in some places, but you could still see the blue sky! The reason why I sound pretty excited (if you notice the exclamation marks), is because my uncle, and it is the same uncle that I mention sometimes on this blog, had his wedding on this day! Here links to some of the posts that mention my uncle:

My Uncle’s 21st - Part One - Part Two (I don’t know why I did the post like this)  - Part Three
Found Footage Of The Party

And yes, after many self-corrections and mistakes and corrections from others, I can now say that he is married to his WIFE. Yes, not girlfriend anymore, not fiancee anymore, not...girlfriend-slash-fiancee anymore, WIFE. His wife. Yay! I’m not confused anymore! 

So, there we were, my family. My mum, my dad, Abby (and I’ve used this name before so don’t question it, reader), and my Nana. Walking to this place I forgot the name of.

Maybe it was Alexandra? Alexander? Let me Google that...Alexandra, I think, I don’t know. It was in Greenlane or Ellerslie. But, one thing I know for sure...I could still see Mount Wellington. At least I knew that. And the place was a bit hot. I can’t say why, though, I mean, it was a bit after noon. Twenty minutes after noon, to be exact. I’m so glad I remember that time.

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