Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wednesday 25th - The Dilemma Ends...

A dilemma is solved...
Sorry for spelling laser wrong in the picture.

On Wednesday, it was a day that, yes, really hot, but a day where a dilemma was finally put to an end. I had to choose whether to go to the final Manaiakalani Ambassadors presentation, or to go to the third venue of the EOTC Week trip. It was bowling and laser strike, and I REALLY love the two. The way I get confused in all the heat. Like, literally all the heat, it gets hot in that big, dark, laser room.

Anyways, I had to think. Thanks to an email to Ms Aireen, she told me that she was going to figure out how I could still go at least to the bowling and laser session. In the end, there was a plan:

Before 9:00am - Go to the Manaiakalani Ambassadors Presentation.

Sometime after 10:00am - Ms Kyla to drop me off at AMF Bowling.

10:00am through to 11:00am - Spend time at bowling and laser session. 

11:00am - 11:30am - Whaea Petra to take me home.

12:00pm - Go to placement test.

The presentation was first. It was the LAST and FINAL EVER one, so this is important. Almost all the ambassadors were here, except for Miria (Ruapotaka ambassador) and Victoria (Stonefields ambassador). Pretty strange. For the last one. Gosh, I hope the email is alright for everyone, right, reader?

Because my mail crashed a week before. But to the day, the people who were there, were there. Visitors from different schools from different places were settling down, getting seats, while Lennyx (Glenbrae ambassador) and I were busy making jokes (some were anti-jokes, but all was well) and talking about stuff.

My presentation was about making my movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year. I keep mentioning it on the blog, sorry, but I sacrificed a lot of time, learning, spare time, Morning Teas, Lunchtimes, and don't forget SANITY, to put the movie together. I didn't exactly lose a lot sanity, but just enough to get pressured.

Anyway, here's my movie, that I'm posting on here, below...

My turn was coming up, and strangely I was put last. While the presenting was going well, the blimmin' microphone kept playing with me! Uuuuurgh, and it was just because of the simple reason, that I was speaking loudly. Loudly?! Really?! I mean, what do you mean LOU-no, wait, it's a microphone, it should already amplify my voice already...ohhh...

But the most important thing was that I was finished. I'll post the speech (no video, sorry) and presentation up after. Or later. I was on my way to the bowling and laser session!!

I arrived there with Ms Kyla, as she was dropping me off, and some people looked at me and said things like, "WILLLYYYY!!!!!". I was saying things like "Surpriiise...haha" with a big smile, but...I had to spent the time wisely. I was the main person that was capturing footage. I'm going to start on the video of EOTC Week next week.

Bowling went well, although on the first try, I got a gutterball. Then realised I had another go, and I did better...better...sorta better but I'll take that...but to move on, Mrs Komor played for me. And SHE...I...WE...I DON'T KNOW WHO WON!!!! But it was under my name...but she played for me...I'll say that it was Mrs Komor. THANK YOU!!

Laser strike was nearly on, so I went around with the iPad filming and taking pictures of people enjoying their time. Willie (there's another Willy, although spelt slightly different, in the school) was scoring a lot of shots on this basketball shooting thing (forgot the name)...Andre was hitting a speedball....a machine was eating William's was cool!

Well, except for William's part. "I wasted my money on everythiiing!" he chanted while walking around.

Onto the laser strike session, Cavhyon, Starr, Raena, Paterita, Lauren, Viliamu, Paige, Mele, Desire, and the other people that I just forgot (sorry) were split into two teams, Blue and Green...

I'll say more in a next post....because I keep rambling a lot...

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