Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tuesday 24th - In Point England...Part Two...

People eating crabs, a leaf tornado....

Let's just start off with saying that McKoy (and some other people, but McKoy was the main person) saved one of the gazebos during the boot camp session, and we clapped for him. I forgot to mention that, probably because I never imagined McKoy saving something. If you're a close friend of mine or is in Tamaki Primary and know what McKoy is like, you know what I mean. In a jokingly way.

So after seeing the remains of Cavhyon's house, I decided to walk around a bit to see what else was going on. Yep, some people had walked to the water. A bit far away, but that was alright. Cavhyon then lead me to this warm pond. Chardonnay slipped in one of them. Pretty out of the ordinary. but at least she laughed it off. Right, Chardonnay?

Riiiiiiight, Chardonaayy?? Nevermind. Now, I can't remember what happened next, but I remember people starting to get sea creatures, right before Lunchtime. I couldn't believe that it was LUNCHTIME! Already! For Lunchtime we all had fish and chips to eat, along with the choice of tomato or barbecue sauce. Although there was one person whose I won't mention (it was Mana, by the way), who asked:

"What is this?"

It was the fish. I couldn't believe the question. But that wasn't the main thought, the main thought was that everybody was having a great time! We all talked and chatted about pretty random stuff and listened to music that I don't normally listen to - almost everyone knew what the songs were! I felt so lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Like, really, heat. It was really hot, so the one chance I walk onto the playground without shoes and socks on? Unlucky. And SO HOT!

While having lunch, we all saw something that was in a way spectacular. A tornado-like swirling thing that was spinning with leaves was starting, and everyone ran towards it. I ran towards it, also, and took some shots of it. Pictures. I decided to take pictures. Not video. Pictures. Gosh, dang it, me. *facepalms*

Back to the beach, I start to walk to the tide that was still out. Gosh, it was so hurtful. Some shells are sharp, did you know that? And mud is REALLY slippery, did you know that? And people can eat crabs raw, did you know that? And also, cramps hurt a lot! SO MANY THINGS that I didn't know about!

I took pictures this time. I tried to get a group shot of some of the students near the water, but instead got engulfed by selfies and whatnot. I don't do selfies, by the way. I mean, have you SEEN that Manaiakalani Film Festival picture with Stanley? Anyway, the memory ran out on the iPad I was taking pictures on. Giving it to Ms Aireen, I walk back to the tide, and see that the tide is starting to come in. But it's not that quick. I bet by the time the tide's back in, we're gone.

Now, I don't know why or how this happened, but some of the boys gathered some clay, like, BIG clay, took it to the ponds, and...well...they...threw them in, where has our minds gone to these days, am I right! They were literally throwing them in the water, watching the big splash........and then getting some more!!

And it was just in time for the sand sculpture building competition. Guess what some people brought?

Clay. Although some clay looked like rocks. Here, read the line below and imagine if it was a rock...

"Wait, guys...I think this is a's hard..."

I laughed out loud, knowing that if it was a rock, well...haha, I'm still finding this funny right now as I type this. It was just funnier back then at the heat of the moment. Speaking of heat, it was still hot, and I was still wearing no shoes due to walking to the water to fetch some water for my group's sculpture. By the way, I didn't really feel like participating, only because of the fact that I was getting tired. Really tired. And hot, as well!

But I couldn't find my shoes. They were somewhere sometime somewhere some time ago. After a quick search, I realised that I left them on the grassy field above the beach. After I found them, I completely ditched my group, because what would I do? I couldn't help, because what would I help WITH? Nothing, that was the answer. So I followed Stanley and after a bit of a good talk, I went to the playground one last time.

William, if I didn't mention, was stuck in the playground. He wasn't really stuck, but he just stayed in the place he was for a bit of time. Throughout the time he...well, he stayed where he was for a long time, that's all I can say. I push Amelia on a was cool, because I purposely kept pushing her. It was all good fun, she went off, and I went on. It was that little kiddie swing, while TJ (who was waiting with me to get on a swing) was on the big swing.

Oh! I forgot to mention, it was his birthday, so he deserved that swing. For a while we talked about random stuff and stayed on the swings until someone came along. It was Patosina, who was apparently waiting for a long time. I didn't notice. And Mele, too, she was waiting. So we gave the swings to them, was time to go, back to school. "AWW!! I JUST GOT ON!!" Mele protested in a happy way.

At Tamaki Primary, we take adversity as a joke.

After a bit of a talk, everyone started to walk back to school. I walked as well, because Brandon and Lolo took the seats. Dang it. But I didn't lose hope. Powerwalking to the front of everyone with TJ (well he was going his own pace, which was fast), and it was cool, just going past and then reaching the front.

Until I realised me and a few other people were walking so fast that we needed to stop so everyone else could catch up. Theeeenn I was put at the back of some people again. It just felt good to be at the front. Then I was. Then people pushed to the front. Then some more people came. Then some mor-and we arrived at school!!

That was the whole day, said in these two parts. Gosh, I hope I catch up with these posts...

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