Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday 24th - In Point England...Part One...

Hi, reader!

Today was Tuesday, and so the Year Seven and Eights went to the Point England Reserve as part of out EOTC Week. EOTC stands for Education Outside The Classroom. So not only did we go there for enjoyment and fun, but for learning purposes. In the morning. I was in Ms Aireen's group, and lucky me, I went in her car! Well, her mum's car. It was blimmin' big. Like...big. So big it carried literally most to all of the things needed for the day. Amazing! And passing everyone walking in the car, I pulled the window, and I went something like:


Don't worry, I didn't feel bad about it. It's probably the second time I've done that. Yell out of a car. But that's just in school time...>:-) I helped put the gazebos and tarps into their...places, and we saw everyone else come to the reserve. When they came some of them were all, "Not coooooool..." and giving blank faces to us. Because I wasn't the ONLY one that was bragging about getting a car ride to the reserve.

We all settled down in the gazebos after a bit and a while before having a LONG Morning Tea. It was longer than a normal Morning Tea! But only by more than ten minutes. That's still longer than usual. The majority of the Year 7 and 8s went to the playground, whereas some went to kick some rugby balls (and end up playing a bit of American Football), and others stayed sitting. The toilets were apparently a no-go.

And there was some poop near this table thing. Andre and I advised people nearby not to go near. To skip a few minutes of talking and laughing, Morning Tea ended. There was now Boot Camp. With Mrs Komor. I remember the last time I was in a Boot Camp experience. "Oh, MY GOOOOOSSSHHH!!!" "I FEEL SO TIRED..." "AAHHH!!! "I'm just going to lie down here..."

But it was great this time. When cheating, do it well. If you can get a laugh out of it, then you didn't cheat at all. We went forwards then backwards, one side to the other. It was more like one way, then another. It was tiring, though. I was partnered with Teina and Desire because she wasn't with anyone. Partner A (well, since we were probably in threes it was Partner A and Partner A2) had to do ten squats and ten sit ups.
And Partner B would run to a cone far away and come back. When Partner B came back they would swap.

But we were in threes so it was going to be a bit complicated.

I said something pretty funny, too. "We sit up, right?"
Get it? Because I said, "up, right?" and that sounds a lot like "upright". Man, I'm still going with the wordplay. Even if they sound exactly the same. Aahh. Moving on, after the boot camp session, we moved onto team building exercises.

Now, did you know that sunscreen can make your hands slippery? I only realised when it was toooo late. I was with Stanley, Lolo, Teina, Raena, and Lyric when we had to hold each others hands, and then with a hulahoop, we had to pass it around clockwise then anti-clockwise without breaking the circle (we were in a circle, by the way), then run with the hoop while still holding hands to a cone a bit far away, come back, sit down, and place our hands on our heads.

We were doing so well with the hoop, it was only the running that was a bit of a...a bit of a...pickle? I forgot how to say it, but read the nest following lines to see if it was easy or not...




You see, as said before, it is hard trying to hold someone's hand while ALSO wearing sunscreen.

After the team building exercises, which made me a BIT tired, we had some free time. I went to the beach with a lot of the Year Seven and Eights. The tide was out, but that wasn't going to stop anyone from going to the water. Cavhyon was going to show me his...uhh..."house"...but it was sadly demolished.

I'll talk more later on. Tomorrow.

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