Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Project...Revealed… | The 2 Weekly Post (Part Two - Week Two)

Hi, there, again, reader.

Wow, the first time I used commas like that. I guess that’s incorrect? Or correct? I don’t know, I’m an “expert” blogger, not a grammar expert...but anyway…

Monday. I came early this time. FI. NAL. LY. And did an announcement. I forgot what I said, but it was a jingle. I wrote jungle instead of jingle just before. Ha. Take on, I was doing some things on the class computer. It was just some video-making. And editing. Editing a LOT.

I now remember Tuesday. Tuesday was the day of the first assembly of the term. The assemblies from now are quite different to the usual fashion. This time, buddy classes are presenting every second week. Room 10 and Room 1 (our buddy class, or tuakana teina class) were presenting on this week.

I was one of the hosts, along with Mehi and Ma’asi. We were sitting at the back of the stage, and would present on the stage. That was cool. I could finally have EVERYONE literally look up to me. Well, not that I’m saying that the majority already do that. Get it? Because I’m tall?

Moving on. There were awards being given out. A lot, and I mean, a LOT of people received Star Awards, and also, the Blog Awards. Speaking of blog awards, ahem...everyone knew who the only person who would get the last certificate..

Remember that post, reader? The one where I was speechless? Yeah, that was my 1000th post. Aahh, good times, reader...goood tiimes...even though that took over 20 minutes to get the post done! Back to the moment that mostly everyone knew it would happen, I walked back onto the stage, like, the stage stage, and received the certificate. Cheering comes from the crowd.

It felt so good. *So good!

Then after the awards I went back onto the stage stage to talk about that project I mentioned a few times in the past few months on this blog. You see, reader...I was asked by Ms Aireen to make a movie for the Manaiakalani Movie Festival. I agreed to it almost immediately. My objective was that I was going to make a music video replacing lyrics of “Uptown Funk” into lyrics that related to my syndicate:

Kia Manawanui - Be Big Hearted

It was hard. Hard work. Gosh, I could tell you what was hard. No, wait, I will. Writing the song down, which I called it a somewhat parody of some sort. But I didn’t know for sure, so I sticked to “another version” of Uptown Funk. And then, after the song-writing was finished, thanks to Mehi for making the best prompts ever, Caleb went through it and me and him went through some things to change in the verses and parts of the song…

I forgot what he said, but it was something like ‘a great is never written - it is re-written’.

And when that was finished, it was time to record! Pretty interesting story, really. And the follow up to that. Yes, if you were waiting for the moment to hear about the project, well, this is it, really.

Moving on, the filming. Here’s some “behind the scenes” footage from my now finished movie:

I can’t show the actual film now, of course, because that would ruin the whole, you know, wait-for-the-movie-it-could-be-ruined-if-shown-to-a-lot-of-people vibe with me. But, here’s the trailer!

So, reader, what d’you think? Can’t really talk about more of the week except that I started on a new project and that there was a second attempt of the Water Bottle Rocket Experiment! I’m making a video on that but I’ll continue it from tomorrow.

This term’s soooo filled with busy stuff.

*I'm not referencing the So Good! thing that Mehi does the majority of the time

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