Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Mighty All Blacks Win The RWC!!!

Hello, reader!

First off, let's do another imagining thing-a-ma-bob thing. Pretend, that this post was posted a day after the first of November. Now, did you know what happened in the weekend? On Sunday morning, specifically, in our time zone, it was on Sunday morning. It'll kick in soon...but anyway, getting to the point, the All Blacks have secured their world champion title for the Rugby World Cup (or RWC) 2015. They won the last Rugby World Cup four years ago, which was held in New Zealand!

They are the first team ever to keep their champion title, and the first team ever in RWC history to win the Webb Ellis Cup three times! This is amazing! And record-breaking! I think it is! So it might as well be! And back to right now, today, Wednesday the 4th, the All Blacks are now in New Zealand being welcomed in parades with the Webb Ellis, visiting fans and tonnes of support and cheering.

Well done, All Blacks!

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