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Before the actual writing test, Room 10 practised writing a recount. This post is dedicated to my practise recount, about the whole course of making my film for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival. But it's, as always, sadly, REALLY long. Do you dare to read the whole recount, reader?

During the whole course of Term Two, I did my filming project for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was excited, I had already did the major part of the film, which was to record the song (that Mehi and Stanley helped with) I would need for the filming. I was the main character in my film, but I needed some help with picking a few other people. Mehi was happy to help me pick people, and during one night online storyboarding for the filming, we picked Stanley, Brandon, and Khorus for the backup dancers, and Maopa to do the camerawork.

Even with the first few scenes planned and ready, we struggled to even begin the first scene! I was surprised and frustrated at how much time we went through to try and do the first dance scene again and again and again with everyone, besides Maopa, who was filming it. After a million times, we said to each other that the final shot was good enough.

We then went to a few teachers who were in the song, and filmed them. It was Ms Aireen, Whaea Petra, Ms Kyla, and Mrs Komor (in the movie it’s spelled Ms, but don’t mind it). Again, we were struggling with time, as the teachers we needed were either not at school or had been busy somewhere else. The problem was sorted in a few days, and we filmed the teachers. With the teachers done, we did another scene that was then deleted off the movie, because it didn’t feel right.

As time power walked by, everyone in the group started to get distracted easily, because of how I took them outside of the classroom almost all the time for either filming or re-filming. Even I was getting distracted, but I would not give up now. I needed to sacrifice a lot of time for this movie, no matter what!

But time was being a big pain...

Scenes later, we had another person in the group. It was Lolo, and he would be another person who would set up the camera and do the music, but at first...he was quite...somehow...lost is pretty much all I could describe him at first, but he worked a lot harder over the next few weeks.

A week passes and wouldn’t you know it, we had two MORE people in the movie! Christopher and McKoy were placed in the movie for the roles of the ‘distractions’ part of the song. And they sure lived up to their roles! We began to get so distracted, we mucked up almost every scene with them in it until the last minute! WHY!!I I thought in my mind, while I was quiet on the outside. felt cold and shivered on the outside as the winds passed by us at the parking lot of the school, and everyone was chatting up a mini-storm, but I was still feeling warm of annoyances coming by.

With the filming or more scenes, I needed work shots and class shots. So I asked Ms Aireen, oblivious to the mistake I had done with the song, if I could have the class dance on the chorus. It would be choreographed by some people in my group, like Stanley and Mehi, but it was mainly me. That was a surprise! When I went back to editing to import the footage on there…

I sudden began to feel hot and warmth in my body again. I realized that we had done some things wrong. As the main director and editor of this project, I needed to break the news to them that we would need to re-film and film new scenes again. And fast, too. The pressure was on, and everyone was annoyed at me making a mistake for the film. But. a week later, we were fine with filming all the time, it was just the editing that needed to be brushed up a little. After making a pact with each other to NOT show anyone else in the classroom the film as it is, I showed the film to some people in the classroom. “Willy!” Maopa accented with anger, as I showed it to other people more than three times by accident.
“Oh…” I said quietly, with the face of regret, remembering about the pact, “Sorry! Sorry!” I chanted, but everyone had long faces, as long as a horse, and we continued to go filming, quietly and without any laughter. It was awkward, but it got better in the end.

Moving on, I was almost done with my project, I just needed to edit the last few scenes. Sure, some scenes had different lighting, and the beginning needed to be more fast-paced and, well, eye-capturing, but other than that, I just needed to focus on editing. I rejected a lot of people who asked me for help, but that was alright with them, as they understood the hidden struggle behind editing. The music was going everywhere, and not the places I wanted. Some footage was missing throughout some major parts of the film, and there was text missing (I needed text at the bottom to show the lyrics).

In frustration, I pretended to bang on the teacher’s desk to level out my sanity and frustration. BANG! BANG! BANG! I thought in my mind, while in actual fact, I was slapping the desk softly. I didn’t lose that much sanity over a filming project!

Everything was sorted out, and the film was done and dusted. Ticked off my list. Finished forever. I won’t try to fix anything now, it’s the best I can do. I won’t make another video like this again, as it was the hardest time ever. But, with the film done, there was some other footage that showed out mistakes and bloopers. Me and the group laughed in uproar at the sight of the footage. Was I just going to leave that footage there? Leave it in the iMovie library where it won’t be used in a video?

No. I needed to make another film. A film not for the Manaiakalani Film Festival, but for the class and school.

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