Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday 23rd - Athletics Day (Second Part)

During the intermission, I walked to the hall to buy myself a sausage-on-a-bread. Marcus, friend of mine, runs past me and says, "Hurry!" jokingly. I looked behind me and saw it...

Okay, another flashback. In 2013, when I was a Year 6, there was this thing called "The Rush". It was this occurrence where the Year 7s and Year 8s walked/ran down the hall, and us students in Room 5. Here's a little diagram:

H      A      L      L      W      A      Y
We would ALWAYS get the worst of it all. In a funny way. I mean, it was like a tsunami of people coming towards us almost everyday. But then everything changed the year later. And if we can now fast forward to now:

"Oh, no..." I say jokingly also, "It's gotten worser than ever..." and so we both ran to the hall. The line wasn't so long. BUT, thanks to Marcus' directions, I didn't know the line was right behind me. When I turned was just tooooo late....

So I went back outside. Remembering what else to do during this moment of time, I went to get the iPad, since the camera was about to die. Or, in another way, it was running extremely low on battery. I got it, and walked back outside to Stanley, and he gave me two dollars! It was to buy myself a sausage in bread, I never knew the name of it, and it can't possibly be "sausage sizzle", I mean, think about it:

Person One: Here, two dollars for you, okay?
Person Two: Oh, okay, thanks, a sausage sizzle for you?
Person One: Yeah, and get yourself a sausage sizzle for you, too, okay?

Maybe that makes sense a bit? Oh, well. As I was saying, a sausage in buttered bread for me, and an ice block for him. I got it, as the line became shorter. Actually, I was the only one! At the moment. I went out with one ice block and one sausage on a buttered bread. Now I just needed to find Stanley to give the ice block to.

While walking, I see Caprice, this pretty much ex-student of TPS...and she asked me if she could have some of the sausage on the bread. Now, I may have mentioned on this blog about once about what happened with her, but you'll just need to find that for yourself, they weren't not good memories. There was no way I would-

"Here. Have it." I said, giving the whole thing to her.

Dang it. And she was in Benghazi as well. This is the third time this has happened to me, though, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Until Stanley found out...

"What?! Why'd you give it to her?" he questioned the no-brainer gesture,
"Uhh..." I mutter, thinking of a fake reason, "I already had one....sorry..." I say, breaking the fake news to him.
"Oh..." Stanley replies, "Okay...wanna have some of this?" he asked another question, holding the ice block.

Before you know it, I'm licking an ice block that I can't taste. "I can't taste it!! Nooo!!" I yell out as I sit under shade. Stanley takes pictures of me eating the ice block. Although he tried to cover it up by saying he was "playing games". But he really wasn't. Wish he was, so he can get in trou...moving on!! I ate the whole ice block, yeah. Sulaiman mistakes the ice block for an ice cream, and I then get back up to film and take pictures.

Desire helps a bit, taking pictures of different coloured people. Different coloured as in clothes, reader. I feel tired but that was normal, And hot, as well. Little did I know, I was getting a tan! On my back! That was weird when I saw it later on. People were dancing near the sound system, so it was good taking pictures of that. And Stanley was "lip-syncing" words from the song as I glide by with the iPad camera.

And then, the intermission ended. Everyone went back to sit down as there was going to be a big chant off. I was already standing at the start of the finish line, and soooo, I had to drag myself over to film each house team's chants. Alamein went first, Benghazi went second, Tripoli was third, and Tobruk came last to do the chants. Alamein would've like this if the scores were in this order! Get it, because how they...and they...because they...oh, nevermind.

Onto the finals now, and I saw the scoreboard. Goodness, we're ten points behind. We could make this happen GENUINELY this year. No cheating, it was all going to be fair and square. I was in two finals, believe it or not. I certainly didn't believe it. And I was almost out of-no, I WAS out of breath by the time I sat back down.

Relays now, since I need to get to the end. Tobruk was doing well. Oh, my gosh, we're doing well. They're running really fast. That was really descriptive, wasn't it. They were running really fast. But they were, I couldn't speak as we kept winning a bit. In the end, and I don't know why or how, we all cheered!

The final score was going up, and it came to the results. Me and TJ held hands, I mean, we were there last time, but were told we cheated, so we clenched out hands together in the hopes that we would win without help. Yes, I said it. HELP. It was help to help us win, duh. We weren't fourth...that was good...we weren't third...that was and TJ just stare at Ms Kyla and Mrs Kelly as they read it out. Siale's praying. He's one of the leaders. Everyone's gazing at who is second...and who is first...

They move onto second place...oh, gosh...I can't believe it...they say the name out (because I forgot who came second, sorry)...and as I think about it....if they haven't said our house name yet, that means...

"We won..." Siale whispers in realization.
"Oh, my go..." I say to TJ, looking at him, covering my mouth.
Ms Kyla then announces that Tobruk is the winner of this year's Athletic's Day.

Everyone in Tobruk goes into sudden euphoria. Me and TJ hug each other in genuine fashion this year. Mrs Barlow is soaked with water poured onto her. Yay! The celebration lasted 10 seconds before we were told to stop. And JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, the other houses didn't seem to favour in on our GENUINE win.

Tobruk won! We won! We won again this year! Two years in a row! Oh, my gosh! I couldn't believe it! I need to stop using exclamation marks! Tobruk for the second time has won. And in good timing, too. It is my last year, after all. I felt like Richie McCaw in his final game before he retired.

I would say I bragged about it afterwards. But, noo. I just teased it while walking to class. 
"Yaayy..." I said to some Tripoli people.
"You cheated." Teina said instantly.

Oh, boy.

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